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What Your Wahoo Wants This Holiday Season



Well, it’s official, Thanksgiving is over so it is the HOLIDAY SEASON PEOPLE. Now whatever you celebrate or don’t celebrate I bet your family or friends do some kind of gift exchange deal. Something all us Wahoos can agree on is: We. Want. More. UVA. Stuff. As a third year I have enough UVA apparel to dress UVA from head to toe and enough orange shirts to last a month. And yet I. Want. More. Of course, as a college student I can’t really match the UVA Bookstore’s prices…. So, if you want to make your Wahoo friend or relative happy this holiday season but don’t want to break the bank, you should take a look at this list.




Orange and navy shirts and pants are not enough. The devil’s in the details people.





Courtesy of UVA Bookstore




My dad got me a Tervis cup last year and it has changed my life ya’ll. It keeps things hot. It keeps things cold. It’s durable. I mean it’s outlasted the few dozen times I’ve dropped it on concrete. And it doesn’t spill! I mean the thing isn’t 100% leak-proof but it’s as close as I think we’re gonna get.





Courtesy of Amazon




Who. Doesn’t. Love. Fun. Socks. Look at all of these UVA themed socks people, spice up your lives!





Courtesy of UVA Bookstore





Courtesy of Amazon


(Can y’all tell I like socks?)




When I say dressing UVA to head to toe I. Mean. It.




Courtesy of Fanatics


Courtesy of CBS Sports

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