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What to Wear to Grandma’s Family Fall Festivities

   Whether you celebrate with a big family crowd or just a bowl of popcorn and some good ‘ole American football, here are some helpful tips and inspirational outfits to make sure you look your very best!



This model combines some of the best aspects of the autumn wardrobe together. A fur vest to keep warm and add physical texture. A flannel, whether red, green, blue, matches as shown adding vibrant colors that nicely coordinate with the plain oatmeal color of the vest. The leather boots as always finish off any outfit with the “I am stylish” look. Also, on her wrist is a gold watchband which knits the outfit together in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Although not a celebrity (maybe one day girl, keep pursuing your fashion career!), she sports this classy autumn outfit with grace and sophistication.


Tip #1: Red lipstick. A little bold for the autumn maybe, but she pulls it off while to match with the red in her flannel and dark hair. Personally, I suggest lighter colors as we transition into the paler tones of winter, even a nude-like stain. Here are some lip colors that you can experiment with to add to your classic autumn gear:


Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge in 359 Hypnotique, $32, lancome-usa.com

This one is Concord Grape, a little bold on the purple tint in my opinion for blondes, but any darker-haired beauty is sure to shine with this on!


Bite Beauty Multistick in Anise, $24, sephora.com

Personally, this is my favorite that Sephora came out with during this fall season (2016). I call it “Milky Cappuccino”, although Sephora denotes it as “Bite Beauty.” Whatever the name, this classic nude tone will pair with any outfit on anyone! A great flexible go-to lipstick for Grandma’s big party, and for general use to.



NARS Audacious Lipstick in Mona, $32, narscosmetics.com

Another fall highlight from NARS if you prefer a darker nude that adds a little red flair to those lips. Again, a great look for any hair and skin combination, so try it on for kicks with your fall party outfit and let me know how it goes!



Bobbi Brown Lipstick in Bahama Brown and Uber Rose, www.bobbibrowncosmetics.com, $35

These two pair nicely together, but they’re obviously meant to be worn separately. Both are flattering shades of pink and brown, bordering more on the pink side for one and more on the nude side for the other. Whichever one you choose to complete your fall wardrobe; you will look fabulous!



Gigi Hadid rocks this autumn outfit, per usual. Her pairing of rolled up cuff jeans with tan ankle boots is a great maneuver to look oh-so-chic but be oh-so comfortable in your favorite pair of jeans. Even though I doubt she wears this outfit to her actual Thanksgiving celebration, the colors she chooses in the tan and orange hues are seasonally spectacular. She paired a darker color for her inner sweater layer with a lighter coat on top. The light wash of her jeans coordinates as well. When dressing for your get-together, wear the darker tones on the inside building out with lighter layers if you go with the multi-layered coverage. It will  make you look much less pale. Oh and if it’s still sunny, please adorn your eyes with some chic shades just like Gigi! Sunglasses are year-round gear, as it never stops shining despite the incoming cooler weather, and eye protection is always a must.

Tip #2: Keep your mind open to new hues, layering ideas, and experimental outfits. You never know when you will find the perfect fit for you! Lacking inspiration for outfits? The stars, models, and celebrities know what to sport when we don’t. Here are some of fall favorites:



Karlie Kloss on point as always!


Thank you Miss Gigi again for modeling again. Leggings with an over-sized sweater is another great option.



Olivia Palermo goes out big with the all-leather, and all-black look. If you can rock it, go for it! If it’s not your type (like me), a dash of black or a leather jacket as layers (think scarves, boots) will complement any autumn attire just as well.




These models show off some awesome options too. I love the skinnier navy-blue stripes that bring out the complexity of one’s shape. Scarves, especially in contrasting tones like the flannel one, add great volume to any outfit. The dress and boots look, or shirt/boots/skirt look are great closet classics that are sure-to-please Grandma in modesty points and make you feel fantastic. Which one is your favorite?

Tip #3: Keep it classy with what you do best! If you prefer darker hues and big sweaters, wonderful. If you enjoy the latest fall trend being sported by yourself, go for it. Honestly, it’s more important that you feel your best than whatever you end up wearing. Just do you, readers, and I’m sure the family and friends will too!


Enjoy your celebrations and time at Grandma’s (or whoever’s) fall festivities! Remember to relax, smile, and appreciate all of our blessings not only this day, but every moment we have.


Meg is a student at Haverford College and plays field hockey for the college. She is an interested writer.
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