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What One Direction Song You Should Listen to Based on your Mood

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UVA chapter.

As someone who has considered themself a directioner since 2010, I have luckily been able to go through all their phases leading up to their tragic “hiatus”. From frat boy Harry to LHH, I feel like I’ve gotten pretty good at figuring out which songs of theirs to listen to depending on how you’re feeling. Even if you’ve never been a directioner yourself, you might actually be surprised to learn that not all their music talks about you “smiling at the ground”. For me personally, I think some of these songs can actually be considered solid bops. So, I hope these lists can help you get through whatever you’re feeling whenever you’re feeling it. 

If you’re in your feels…and you don’t want to feel better.

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Sometimes, when I’m not feeling great, I just need to let out my emotions. There are days where I don’t want to feel better, I just want to feel. That’s why I think this list might come in handy, for those times where you might just want to cry and nothing else. 

  1. Little Things
  2. Long Way Down
  3. If I Could Fly
  4. Fool’s Gold
  5. Half A Heart
  6. Through the Dark  
  7. Night Changes
  8. Spaces
  9. You & I
  10. A.M.
  11. Right Now

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If you are in your feels…and you want to feel better: 

There are other days where whenever I feel sad, I turn to music to help me feel better. Now, personally, I can’t just straight up start listening to WAP by Cardi B and Megan The Stallion. I need to ease my way into feeling better, which is when I think these songs might come in handy! 

  1. Where Do Broken Hearts Go

  2. End of the Day

  3. Stockholm Syndrome

  4. What a Feeling

  5. Walking in the Wind

  6. Story of My Life

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If you’re simply feeling content: 

You know those days where you just grab your coffee, sit outside, and work peacefully? Those are the days I think I just feel simply content. When you’re at peace and just want to vibe, these songs are definitely the move. 

  1. Fireproof

  2. What A Feeling

  3. Ready to Run

  4. Night Changes

  5. Stockholm Syndrome

  6. Steal My Girl

  7. Olivia

  8. Never Enough

  9. History

  10. Wolves

  11. Illusion

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If you’re feeling like you’re high on endorphins: 

If any boy band out there has bops, you can count on One Direction to have them. I mean c’mon, “Midnight Memories”? “Drag me Down”? I don’t care what people say, this list includes total bangers that are definitely worth the listen. 

  1. Midnight Memories

  2. Drag Me Down

  3. Temporary Fix

  4. Kiss You

  5. She’s Not Afraid

  6. Why Don’t We Go There

  7. Little Black Dress

  8. Girl Almighty

  9. One Way or Another

  10. No Control

  11. Alive

  12. Up All Night

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If you’re feeling like you need to cringe: 

Look, I’ll be the first to admit that One Direction doesn’t always have bops. Don’t get me wrong, these songs are fun, but unfortunately they just take me back to the days of uggs and everyone being obsessed with galaxy themed items. I don’t know if it’s the lyrics or just the tune, but if you ever need a taste of nostalgia this might be the list for you!

  1. One Thing

  2. Gotta Be You

  3. What Makes You Beautiful 

  4. Perfect

  5. Rock Me

  6. Na Na Na

  7. I Would

  8. Little White Lies

  9. Does He Know?

  10. Best Song Ever

  11. They Don’t Know About Us

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Photo by John Matychuk from Unsplash

If you’re feeling romantic: 

These five men were able to create songs that made anyone feel entranced in romance. If you ever want to feel loved or feel in your feels, these are definitely worth the listen. 

  1. Happily

  1. Strong

  2. 18

  3. Little Things

  4. Fireproof

  5. Diana

  6. Steal My Girl

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