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What It’s Like To Be A Twin

As a twin, “What’s it like being a twin?” is the question I’ve heard more times than I can count! It’s also a really hard to answer question considering I’ve never not been a twin. But, through experience I have noticed some things unique to try and answer what it’s really like. So, first things first: 


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People will confuse you, obviously. Even ones you’ve known for years. The most awkward moment is when you’ve had a nice, long conversation with someone and then they call you the wrong name. This always makes me feel weird because now you either have to correct them or let them believe they had an awesome conversation with your sister, in my case. Mostly I’ve just gotten good at correcting people. I really don’t get offended anymore, but I do feel the need to set the record straight!

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Secondly, you hear a lot of the same questions. Second to “what’s it like being a twin,” I hear “Have you ever tried to switch places?” My sister and I personally never tried to do this. Most of our teachers were actually pretty good at telling us apart (we have pretty different personalities) so this probably wouldn’t have worked anyway. Plus, you get confused enough as a twin that there’s no need to deliberately try to confuse people! We also hear, “are you identical?” My sister and I aren’t, even though people swear we look the same. Fun fact: identical vs. fraternal has more to do with the number of eggs the fetuses developed from, not how much we look alike!

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A positive thing is that you always have someone to do something with. It’s hard to be lonely when you’re a twin! If either of us wanted to go to a basketball game in high school, we always had a guaranteed friend to hang out with, and that’s the best part about being a twin; sure, you argue just like any siblings do, but you have a friend who gets you like no other.  I can’t tell you how many inside jokes my sister and I share that would make zero since to anyone else. We also have the exact sense of humor! Having a twin is having someone who loves you, understands all your weirdness, and a lifelong friend!


Also, no we can’t do telepathy! *Although that would be cool

Nikki is a second year and an intended Biology major at the University of Virginia. Her loves in life include reading, animals, and cookies! Writing is one of her creative outlets and she hopes you enjoy her articles as much as she enjoys writing them!
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