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The Types of People You Could Find at The Meadows 2016

This past weekend was the first ever Meadows Music Festival in Queens, New York at Citi Field. Lining up perfectly with UVA’s fall break, this festival provided the perfect opportunity for some investigative journalism. For all of those wondering what you missed while you were or weren’t there, below is a recap of all of the types of fans in the crowd.


1. The stressed, broke college students trying to make the most of their weekends and their $270 tickets

If you’re going to spend that much money on tickets, you better make it an event to remember.

2. The high schoolers who don’t have to worry about how much tickets cost, because their parents still support them

Have your fun now, kiddos. Soon the real world is going to hit you. And it’s going to hit you like a $150,000-worth-of-debt train.


3. The middle schoolers making out in the middle of the Chance the Rapper concert

If I had to re-do my first kiss, having a live performance of Sunday Candy in the background wouldn’t be too bad of a memory.


4. The parental guardians

Speaking of middle schooolers, there are always those parents at music festivals and concerts who want to give their child the “Best 13th Birthday Present Ever!!!” by letting them see their favorite bands, but know that their children shouldn’t go without a guardian. So here they stand, awkwardly swaying in the audience and trying to make sure that they don’t lose sight of their children and their friends. Just don’t look them in the eyes.


5. The fans who came just to see Kanye

Decked out in their best Saint Pablo tour gear or even the ridiculously expensive Kanye West line, these fans were easy to spot with their Yeezy shoes on and long-sleeved “No more parties in LA” shirts. If it wasn’t easy to spot them by their outfit, it was really easy to spot them once Kanye ended his set early due to a family emergency.


6. The fans who just came for The 1975

Standing in their muted tones and flannels, you could tell which fans came to rock out to their favorite English alternative band.


7. The people just there to get a good Instagram

Honestly, the experience is fleeting, but the photo is forever.


8. The freaky dancers

Watch out for the arm-flails and you should be fine. Worst case scenario you end up very close to them and get some killer Snapchat story footage: it’s a win-win.


9. The one person who got separated from all of their friends and hung out with you and your friends instead

There are always those floaters at large concerts who get separated from their friends. It’s not a bad thing, just a way of life. For me this year it was “Kelly,” an over-exuberant concert-goer who was very friendly and open about her appreciation for Bryson Tiller.


10. The people who can’t get enough of the cheese fries

If you’re going to pay $12 for anything at a concert, you know it better be cheese fries.


11. The girl who you probably went to summer camp with, up on a random dude’s shoulders

“I bet the time we spent together rock climbing in the Northeastern wilderness will really come in handy when you need to get off of that stranger’s shoulders!”


12. Enough boys in sports jerseys to create a new athletic league

So many boys in sports jerseys.


13. The girl who bought out American Apparel

Props to you, girl. If there’s any event where it’s socially acceptable to dress up however you want, it is definitely a music festival.


14. The 12 foot tall man who had to stand RIGHT in front of you



15. Social media friends

At such a large gathering, it’s a given that you’re going to see of few of those people who you ~know~ but who, in reality, you really ~don’t know~. Sometimes the luxury of keeping up with someone’s life comes at the price of having to actually interact with them in person.


Was the Meadows worth the trip to New York and the ticket price? I definitely think so. The line up, especially on the second day, featured artists such as Chance the Rapper, J. Cole, Kanye West, Kygo, The 1975, Empire of the Sun, Chromeo, Mac Miller, Cage the Elephant, BORNS, and more. If you want to experience amazing artists and witness firsthand the concertgoers described above, I would definitely recommend going to the Meadows Music Festival in one of the upcoming years.


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