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Watching the sky can be incredibly peaceful and relaxing if you’re looking to de-stress or just enjoy the night. Although the UVA campus in Charlottesville isn’t a destination spot for stargazing, we can work with what we’re given. Obviously if you are a student then you know the popular spots on Campus that could be good for stargazing include the lawn and the amphitheater but those are certainly main ground spots which means some degree of human traffic should be expected there all throughout the day. Hence, I’m showing you some more low-key spots which have less people around!

The first place I can recommend to check out would be the field directly behind the Runk dining hall which is a huge inclined field that sits surrounded by Runk Dining Room, the Dillard Suites, and Hereford Residential College as well as the Upperclassmen houses. To make it even better this field has two hammocks which are always there that anyone in the public can use! It’s definitely a spot that’s closer to first year residents but it has a lot of parking on the hill that it sits on for upperclassmen to visit!

Secondly, Lambeth Field is such a beautiful place to Stargaze with the options of an open field or huge steps around the field that you can sit on instead. Lambeth Field has stunning architecture with all the columns that surround the field. This huge space allows for a clear sight of the sky. I’m extremely upset that it took me so long to discover this space! It’s basically a huge upgrade to the amphitheater on main grounds. This spot is closer to upperclassmen but first years can make their way there as well.

Another alternative place for stargazing is the green area that is surrounded by the South Lawn Commons Building, Nau Hall, and Gibson Hall. This is a spot that everyone can access because it’s on main grounds but it’s still way more isolated in my opinion. Additionally, it isn’t a big field but it’s enough for a good stargazing experience. I personally think that buildings surrounding it create gorgeous light so you get a brighter experience.  

Next time you want to experience a shooting star, grab a blanket and either come alone or bring a friend, partner, or family member along to one of these spots on campus. These spots are also less dangerous as they are surrounded by resident buildings or classes. Stargazing is a great option to take on if there are no events going on or if you want a more laid back kind of night. I hope you enjoy my suggestions!

Hi! My name is Roba Metwally and I am a third year student at the University of Virginia. I am on a Pre-Law path, therefore, I am majoring in Political Philosophy, Policy, and Law and minoring in Public Policy and Leadership in the Frank Batten School at UVA. I want to go into criminal law by helping the wrongfully convicted and eventually having my own firm. Outside of her campus, I am a Co-director of Student Legal Services under Student Council, a Resident Advisor for UVA housing and residence life, a member of SWAP@UVA and a member of the Egyptian Student Association. I am from Fairfax Station, Virginia but I have lived in Canada and England. I'm Egyptian and Palestinian. I speak Arabic and a little French. I love traveling and just recently did a study abroad program in Morocco for 2 months. I am the youngest daughter, a night owl, and I love cats!