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Ever since coming to college, it seems that my immune system has weakened drastically. I have gotten the cold twice in one month and I caught strep right after. I have persevered through a wild two months of shivering, sneezing, and general nausea. Relying heavily on several home remedies, I’ve overcome and triumphed over all my illnesses. Let me show you how to grind on for another day. 

  1. Drink plenty of hot fluids 

My personal go-to is hot green tea. Warm drinks not only keep you warm, but they also ensure you stay hydrated as well. Staying hydrated is a crucial step toward feeling better. 

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    2.   Wear lots of layers

    In the trend of staying warm, try layering soft-fabrics on top of each other. This could mean a simple t-shirt layered with a hoodie or sweater, or leggings combined with long, thick socks. Another option is to layer a small blanket on top of yourself as well; I like using blankets because they can be repurposed to cover your legs or upper body. 

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   3.   Sleep like you’re hibernating

Sleeping well is essential for your body to recover. Relax and really enjoy naps. The best results are achieved when you sleep in a dark room with minimal noise. Channel your inner squirrel or other hibernating mammal and prepare for the winter sleep.



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  4.  Stock up on cough drops and honey

For a sore throat, these two wonders are a must.

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  5.  Consider pharmaceutical drugs

You could try Advil and Tylenol, as well as other popular pain relievers.


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  6.  If you get Strep

Please see the doctor. Antibiotics are exponentially more effective at combating strep.

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  7.  Rain sounds

Sometimes when you have a migraine, rainstorm sounds help you fall asleep more easily. Try one of Youtube’s many 10-hour long rain videos. 

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  8.  Limit screen time

This might be the hardest task of them all. I know that staying at home all day with nothing else to do gets boring, but sometimes the pressure of the blue-light from screens makes you feel worse in the long run. 

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I am a second year student at UVA. I love books, black tea, and bananas.
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