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The Ultimate Dorm Cleaning Product

So you moved into your new college dorm or apartment and had a blast with decorating it, but now you have to deal with reality -- having to clean it. This is especially stressful when it comes to the most daunting place to clean.....the bathroom. 🚽

The product that makes the cleaning process as quick, painless and effective as possible for me is Clorox's Disinfecting Mopping Cloths. I actually found this product last year when I was just in a typical hall style dorm and was looking for new mop pads for my Swiffer. I picked up these because I saw them advertise that they kill 99.9% of Bacteria and Viruses, and during the height of Covid I jumped on that. It was definitely nice to know that I had a way to limit what I tracked back into my space.

This year the discovery of what they could do to make cleaning my apartment's shower only made me appreciate them even more. It is just so simple to use your Swiffer and one of these pads to quickly wipe down and sanitize your sometimes scary shared shower. 🚿

Just a note: you can buy these pads in more typical clean scents, but I love to get the Clorox Scentiva ones in Pacific Breeze and Coconut, because why not? 🌴 🥥

Pre-Commerce Second Year at UVA from Long Island, NY.
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