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The Top 5 Most Insufferable “Euphoria” Characters

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve been religiously watching (and re-watching) season 2 episodes of “Euphoria”. Somehow, waiting the full week for a new episode feels impossible! Episode 4 left off with so many questions unanswered and unaddressed… In the new season, the development of some of the characters has led me to find them insufferable. Here’s my list of the top five most insufferable characters and why. Spoiler Alert: if you aren’t caught up, wait on reading this until you are.


If the ending of season one wasn’t enough to become a Jules hater, the first half of season 2 has cemented it for me. While she is not responsible for Rue’s recovery, the fact that she didn’t pick up on Rue looking absolutely demolished in every scene just shows she’s a bad girlfriend. She didn’t even notice that Rue is not a sexual person until Elliot pointed it out. Naturally, that is something you should know about your partner. Plus, she flipped out on Rue for drinking after Elliot and her decided to buy it for them and leave it in the back of the car with her. What did they expect her to do? Then, they dropped her off on the side of a highway! Not a good friend! Episode 4 ends with Jules narrating, so I will be greatly disappointed if Rue overdoses and Jules becomes the main perspective.


Elliot has enabled Rue’s relapse and is driving a wedge between Jules and Rue’s relationship (not that it was very strong in the first place…) Who gives drugs to a known addict? So selfish of him to jeopardize her recovery just to have a friend to smoke and snort with. While Rue is in the bathroom doing drugs, he hooks up with Jules. It feels like he is taking advantage of both of them under this guise of being a chill stoner. He does get some points in my book for telling Jules about Rue’s relapse, though. Elliot’s sister makes a comment to him that he always has so many girls over in his room, so I am suspicious of his intentions. The three of them hanging out feels like a disaster waiting to happen.


While I love that Lexi is starting to speak up for herself and become a more central character, her way of doing so is so effed up! Creating an entire play that supposedly centers on herself by gruelingly including every detail of Cassie’s life is going to cause some serious drama! Make some new friends or go out more, but thinking that creating a play about yourself to make people notice you doesn’t seem like it will end well. It really bothers me that she writes about Cassie so negatively when she doesn’t have the guts to confront her in person. If she has an issue, she should just speak up about it instead of being so passive aggressive. Lexi is super smart though, so I do think she will be the first one to uncover the relationship between Cassie and Nate (possibly in her play debut?), and I’m looking forward to seeing that unfold. Plus, her relationship with Fezco is really exciting! I’m rooting for her while being equally annoyed with the whole play situation.


Although Cassie’s character is super relatable and she has been through so much, her actions this season have been progressively getting worse and worse! With her mother being an alcoholic and her father being an absent drug addict, it is no surprise that she has flawed views of what relationships should look like. But, trying to become Maddy to have Nate for herself is messed up. Even though she tells Nate that him and Maddy are not good for each other, she emulates Maddy to get attention from him. She dresses like Maddy and tries to argue with him like Maddy just to appear as toxic as he is. Let’s be clear: abusive people don’t change, and there is no way Nate would change for Cassie even with her softer, more feminine persona. He will go back to Maddy every time because abusive relationships are like crack: incredibly addictive and extremely hard to leave. I just know Maddy will be devastated when she finds out, especially since she is aware of how abusive Nate is to her and is having such a hard time moving on from him.


This one was a difficult choice to include because Rue is going through a serious addiction — but the way she is hurting and lying to her loved ones this season makes her a hard character to love. I was heartbroken when she blatantly gaslighted and got physical with Gia. Rue is putting her family through hell, and they will be devastated once they find out she has relapsed. Her relationship with Elliot has led to a slippery trajectory that ended up doing her more harm than good. She definitely had a crush on him and enjoyed hanging out with him because he accepted all of her faults, even enabling them. Maybe its just karma that Jules ended up cheating on her with him. It’s clear that despite what she says, she has lost feelings for Jules because she prioritizes her addiction. She should just cut her losses and dump Jules because she’s a terrible girlfriend anyway!

Thanks for reading my list of the top 5 most insufferable characters in “Euphoria” so far this season. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season brings for these characters. They are all in need of some serious improvement, and I’m ready to see it all play out!

Claire Brodish is a first-year student at the University of Virginia pursuing commerce and public policy and leadership studies. She loves fashion, fitness, and feminism. Keep up with her on Instagram @claire_brodish xx
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