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Welcome back from Thanksgiving break! Haha, sike! Now that you’re back from break, I’m sure you’re stressing about final exams, research papers, and projects. I know I am. Don’t let the stress of finals control and break you to shreds. You may be asking yourself, “how is that possible?” but don’t worry. I’ve created a guide to surviving the wrath of finals!



Schedule your time for the upcoming weeks

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Planning ahead is key to avoid the overwhelming nature of finals. Make lists of what you want to accomplish, and set strict dates for when these tasks should be completed. This will keep you from procrastinating, and keep you aware of your work and approaching deadlines!



Prioritize your health and wellness

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Your health and mental well-being are much more important than a silly exam. Don’t forget to sleep sufficiently, eat mindfully, and hydrate constantly. Ultimately, maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle will aid your productivity and focus!



Create soothing, mellow playlists to calm your nerves

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Music can largely influence a person’s mood. If you’re feeling stressed, listen to some lowkey, chill tunes that will ease your anxieties and put you in a good mood. Remaining calm is key to successfully pass your exams!



BE SELFISH. Take time for yourself and relax!

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Don’t forget to treat yourself to some downtime to unwind from a long day of studying. Light some candles, apply a face mask and even watch a few episodes of your favorite Netflix show. You deserve it!


If you follow this finals survival guide, I’m sure you will pass all of your exams, papers, and projects with flying colors! Never forget: you are a strong, capable intellect! Good luck, hoos!


Hello! I'm Dahlia Hamandi, and I'm a fourth year media studies major at the University of Virginia. Some of my hobbies and passions include fashion, photography, cinematography, and watching an excessive amount of YouTube!     
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