Summer Maxwell '20

Name: Summer Maxwell

Year: First Major: Undecided



What's your favorite spot on Grounds?

My favorite spot on Grounds is the New Dorms colony. I love the sense of community and being able to see so many people all the time. It is so fun to do homework outside of O-Hill and run into all my friends.  


What's your favorite restaurant on the Corner? I really like Fig. The brunch there is really good; my favorite thing to order is the eggs in an avocado.  


What is your ideal Friday night out? A nice dinner (not from the dining hall) and then hitting the town with my girls.  


What is your ideal night in? I love doing face masks and watching Netflix with my roommate. Even when we stay in, we have a great time.  


What is your favorite TV show right now? I just finished 13 Reasons Why on Netflix. It was a really hard show to watch, but it has a relevant message that is important in today's world. I also read the book in middle school so it was cool to see it turned into a show.  


What is your favorite word right now? My favorite word right now is frisky. I've been saying it a lot lately for unknown reasons, and I've decided that it's a fun word.  


What are you most looking forward to next year? I can't wait to be in an apartment. I'm looking forward to not having to share a bathroom with an entire hall and cooking some good food.