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The Stages of Surviving a “Pawful” Week

It seems to have hit the point of the semester where everyone is overwhelmed with papers and exams, a lack of sleep, and just an overall struggle to survive (and no, I’m not being dramatic). To keep you going, I’ve put together (along with the help of extensive research done by my roommate) a week in puppy pictures to represent how you feel from Sunday through Monday.



Monday’s: Do I even need to explain this one? It’s Monday, that’s all you need to know.



Tuesday’s: I usually feel like Tuesdays I can take on the world: it’s the start of a new week (plus I’ve made it through Monday which is always a miracle to me…) This usually leads me to take on way too much on my plate for the rest of the week, but who cares? The week’s just started… right?



Wednesday’s: It’s hump day! Almost to the weekend…



Thursday’s: Thirsty Thursdays aka “Let’s just pretend it’s already the weekend so that I don’t have to work on that 14 page essay…”



Friday’s: Love me some Fridays… it’s always great to tell yourself that you have 2 full days of break after today.



Saturday’s: These days are sacred for going out and being social! So, yes I’d love to go grab lunch with you… as long as it’s a Saturday.




Sunday’s: These are the days to catch up on all the work you should’ve completed last weekend, but were too busy catching up on the missed weeks before then…


Smile, it makes you live longer! 
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