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Spring for Spring Colors

Spring is in the air! The temperature is rising, flowers are blooming and Rugby Road festivities are going into overdrive. Spring is a time to be refreshed, light hearted and revived. And that is the essence of this spring’s color palate: revival. It’s not all about pastels this season. This year’s spring color palate represents renewed energy and a brighter day with full colors, muted tones and a contemporary twist on the classics.

The two most vivid colors for this spring are Tangerine Tango and Solar Power Yellow. These colors are energizing and fun and can most certainly stand alone in any outfit.  Solar Power is nice to pair with a fuller, deeper hue especially in prints to give a more abstract and provocative vibe. Tangerine is this season’s hot tamale red. It’s beyond sexy this spring, but be sure to play it up for both day and night.

Bellflower and Cabaret are this season’s distinctive tones that can work their way into any part of your wardrobe. These colors are bold, full and unique. Don’t be afraid to use as much or as little in any outfit. You’ll see them flaunted in bottoms, tops and dresses, but cosmetics and accessories as well. Pairing your hot tones with your hots and cools with cools is a fad running wild this season. Try combining Tangerine and Bellflower, it’s provocative and full, yet incredibly trendy for this season.

Nature’s Best
Nothing better signifies spring than Mother Nature calling it quits on hibernation. This season’s blues and greens are inspired from nature’s most essential elements. Sodalite Blue is an anchoring maritime hue that can be the base or support to tie together the entire color spectrum in the season’s picks. Try this one with the Solar Power yellow for a Van Gogh inspired palate. Cockatoo is a blue-green hue has its roots in the air and sky while Margarita and Sweet Lilac pull their inspiration from all that grows from the ground up. These three colors embody nature’s rejuvenation and roaming spirits, adding a romantic twist to the palate.

Have you ever seen a naturally black flower? The answer is probably no and it does not have a presence in spring’s colors either. Instead, we’re playing with gray and brown tones reminiscent of the clays, soils and forestry of the earth. Use Driftwood and Starfish as your base colors this season. They bring practicality to the table without hindering the bold, clean colors popular this spring.
It’s that time of year to come out of hibernation, put away those layers of sweaters, ditch the unbearable stockings and break out pieces with shorter hemlines. Straight from New York fashion week, this year it is all about pushing the envelope with spring’s bold palate.  So have fun this season, mix and match, use bold color on big pieces and let that free spirited side of you run wild through your wardrobe.
Source: Pantone Spring 2012 color report

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