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Her Campus UVA was thrilled to receive their spring break survival kit in the mail this week. The package includes many essentials for a glamorous SB2K15.

The survival kit includes:

·      Simon & Shuster’s Dirty Rush by Taylor Bell

·      The Intern’s Handbook by Shane Kuhn  

·      Her Campus pen and sunglasses!

·      Chipotle BOGO cards

·      Not Your Mother’s Hair Care Purifying Shampoo and Conditioner

·      Completely Bare Beauty To Go Sample Wax Pack

·      Mini Luna Bars

·      SABRE pepper gels

Relaxed out on the beach, on your plane flight, on a car ride, or amidst your free time enjoy a great read. Dirty Rush is an entertaining novel about sorority life and its juicy gossip and drama.  The Intern’s Handbook is a thriller about John Lago, who infiltrates top-level companies and assassinates crooked executives while disguised as an intern. The Intern’s Handbook is a soon to be major motion picture starring Dave Franco. Read these two books while they are hot.  Meanwhile, use a Her Campus pen to take notes and sunglasses to read in the gleaming sun.

Vacationing coast to coast or in your hometown you are likely to find a Chipotle. Her Campus provided us with buy one get one Chipotle cards. Chipotle can be healthy and support your spring break body as long as you moderate your toppings.

Salt water, chlorine, and sun all work to damage your hair. Therefore we got Not Your Mother’s Hair Care Purifying Shampoo and Conditioner in small travel sizes to pack on the go. These products specialize in fresh and natural finishes. Further your fresh look by applying the Completely Bare beauty to go sample wax strips. Wax for smooth radiant skin that will leave your sun tan glistening.  

Feeling hungry, but do not want to eat a whole meal? Try a mini Luna bar. They come in many flavors and are only 80 calories each, providing the perfect amount of nutrition to stay lean this break.

Additionally, Her Campus provided us with Sabre pepper gels. Carry one around with you for your safety, particularly if you are vacationing to an unfamiliar city.  

Her Campus provided UVA with many essentials for a fun, free, safe, and healthy Spring Break 2015.

2nd Year student at the University of Virginia from Vienna, Va.  Double majoring in Economics and Media Studies. Interested in business, sports, fashion, traveling and art.
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