Soft and Comforting Quaran(tunes)

We have been in quarantine for almost two months now, yet fear and anxiety still lingers in the background of each day. To feel a sense of comfort during such an unsettling time, I’ve created a playlist called “soft” to listen to. I love all of these songs, and listening to them while doing work or simply before bed feels like a warm musical hug. You can check out the playlist here, or listen to the songs individually below. 

  1. This song just came out this Friday, and it’s beautiful. The track really highlights how amazing Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber’s vocals are, which honestly aren’t showcased enough in their pop music. This quarantine themed song is so sweet and makes me appreciate my time with my loved ones a lot more. 

  2. I love this song so much. Although the title of this song aged poorly, every aspect of it is hauntingly fitting with the current state of the world right now. Listening to a song about the world ending while it actually feels like it meta. On another note, JP Saxe and Julia Michaels started dating after they released this song. They also released a video of them singing this in their backyard while in quarantine, which is so freaking cute. 

  3. The soft acoustics throughout this song is so comforting and along with the sweet lyrics, this track is perfect for day dreaming with your significant other about your post-quarantine plans together. 

  4. Here’s another song with a country in the title. Jeremy Zucker has the softest voice, and every song of his feels like a hug. 

  5. Honestly, this song makes me a little sad, but their duet is so beautiful.

  6. Ah yes, another song from this dynamic duo. They actually released a whole album together called brent, but I had to refrain myself from adding the whole thing to this playlist. I think their voices blend perfectly together, and these two songs sit close to my heart. 

  7. Bruno Major’s voice is so smooth, and this song is a classic for simping. It’s okay to feel lonely during this time, but hopefully some music will soothe that longing.

  8. Bazzi wrote this song for his girlfriend, and it’s the cutest thing ever. The lyrics are so sweet and capture what it’s like to miss and want someone perfectly. 

  9. This song is slightly more upbeat than the others, but I really like the melody and chorus. I used to drive around at night with the windows down to this song, so listening to it now gives me a sense of hope that normalcy will eventually return. 

  10. This song has been on repeat since last summer. The melody reminds me of sparkles, and everything about this song from NIKI’s voice to the chorus to the lyrics are just magical. 

  11. I have been obsessed with this song lately. The lyrics are very clever, and the lost potential NIKI refers to in this song is something that almost everyone can relate to. I think the acoustic version captures the mood of this song better than the studio one, but both are great.