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Six Female Led Podcasts Everyone Should Be Listening To

1.   If You Like…True Crime: My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

This podcast feels like that point at every sleepover where someone decides to tell ghost stories, especially in their “minisodes” where they talk about listeners’ hometown true crime stories and urban legends. However, they try to keep it light despite the subject matter (it’s in the Comedy section for a reason).

2.    If You Like…History and Mythology: Spirits by Julia Schifini and Amanda McLoughlinFollow along with Amanda as Julia, and sometimes special guests, tells mythological tales, urban legends, and weird hometown stories from all around the world. They drink themed drinks every week, and generally get very enthused about female deity and spirits.

3.   If You Like…Comedy: 2 Dope Queens by Phoebe Robinson and Jessica WilliamsThis is probably one of the most popular podcasts out there right now, and for good reason. Jessica and Phoebe host a live show, have on famous guests, and joke about the realities of being young black women in New York. HBO is currently airing four, hour-long specials of the 2 Dope Queens live show, so now is the time to binge-listen.

4.   If You Like…90s Nostalgia: Sicker Sadder World by Brittany Ashley and Lauren ZakBrittany and Lauren rewatch the late 90s classic MTV cartoon Daria, make connections to our current world, and bring to light messages that probably (or definitely if you were born in the mid to late 90s) went over our childish heads when the show was on.

5.   If You Like…Advice: Adultsh1t by Kelsey Darragh and Kate PetermanKelsey and Kate, both producers at Buzzfeed, proudly proclaim that the purpose of their podcast is that they fuck up so that we don’t have to. They discuss real-life issues, especially ones that people might not talk about often, that come with being a woman today such as mental illness, safe sex, sexuality, and more.

6.   If You Like…Audio Books: The Bright Sessions by Lauren ShippenIn this Audio Drama, Lauren Shippen voices Dr. Bright, who provides therapy for people with special abilities, such as telepathy, time travel, and more. As you listen you learn more about her patients, but also more about Dr. Bright herself as she documents and reflects on her sessions.     


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