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Name: Sam (“Sam”) Daniel

Year: Fourth

Major: Foreign Affairs


What’s your favorite accessory?

Makeup: Amour by MAC is my absolute favorite lip! It’s the perfect natural color for my skin tone.

Clothing: A really good pair of black boots, heels are always welcome.

Miscellaneous: My gold watch from Fossil! It was a gift from my grandma; I wear it every single day.


Fav fall look?

A good pair of dark wash jeans, flannel, a cozy scarf, and some brown riding boots!


Top beauty vlogger/blogger?

I’m a huge fan of Zoella; she’s a very genuine beauty vlogger. Her clothing hauls are a lot of fun!


What gets you pumped to go out?

Doing my makeup with all of my friends gets me hype- I usually go for a golden toned eye and bold red lip!


What’s your go to Saturday night look?

You can never go wrong with a LBD, black booties, black tights and some small stud earrings.


What’s your dream job?

I would love to be an ambassador!


One thing you want to accomplish before graduation?

Well considering graduation is only a couple months away (AHH) finding a job or an internship would be pretty fantastic.


Best place you’ve traveled?

Paris, hands down… There’s something about the culture, the food, and the fashion: it’s a city that’s veeeerrrrrryyyy easy to fall in love with.


Quick: first thing that comes to mind when I say…

Ice cream: Chocolate (yet I don’t even like chocolate ice cream, why did I say that??)

Cacti: Love (Editors note: Sam is 100% obsessed with cacti, fun fact!)

Cats: Claws

Kanye West: Kim

The Corner: FOOD (My favorite is Littlejohn’s!)

Smile, it makes you live longer! 
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