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A Passion into Action: Campus Celebrity Lana Hoang


As the Relay for Life event approaches, HerCampus gets the scoop on Lana Hoang, a graduating fourth year, who has turned her passion for Relay For Life into rewarding actions and memories that will last a lifetime.

Year– 4th

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Activities around Grounds:

                  Vietnamese Student Association Historian (2nd), Service Chair (3rd), and Treasurer (4th)

                  Relay for Life Fundraising Committee

                  Hair Ties for a Cure

                  Society of Women Engineers

Plans after graduation: Consulting, but keeping options open for more medical device related opportunities


I know you to be very dedicated to Relay For Life at UVA. When did your involvement start, and where does your passion for it come from?


I started Relay my junior year of high school and started off as a general member. When I came to UVA, I really wanted to join this student-ran organization and get more involved with Relay event planning. My personal reason for why I relay is for my really close family friend that had passed away on Mother’s Day 2013 after her 15 year battle of breast cancer. 

What have been some of your major accomplishments with the Relay team, in particular your very own Vietnamese Student Association team?

VSA first joined Relay my first year, and we started off with 30 people and raised about $1,500.  The next year, I became Relay captain and we had 55 people and raised $7575. The next year we had over 60 people and raised $9129. .  That year, VSA was the top fundraising CIO, and that’s been a huge hallmark for us. This year, we have 101 members and are very close to raising $10,100.


You also run a small side Relay fundraiser on your own- HairTies for a Cure. Where did that idea come from?

It started in January 2013 and I got the idea off Pinterest.  I saw how it was becoming a trend, and not only was it easy to make, but also cheap too.  I sell each one for 2$ and 100% of the proceeds go to Relay for Life.


This dedication to Relay surely has been rewarding. What advice do you have to any of our younger readers who have yet to find their one true passion?

Be genuine in your actions, and your passion will show through. Share all your opinions on topics you are passionate about. Most likely, other people will share that passion with you as well. And don’t be afraid to step up to leadership positions in your CIO’s.


This link is an order form for HairTies for a Cure. I really suggest you get your orders in this week, there should be a special deal coming out in honor of Relay!

* I have two myself and they are super stylish, durable, and comes in different patterns and colors!

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