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I’m obsessed with stationery. And it’s not like I just appreciate a good pen, but I collect, no, I HOARD pens, pencils, post-its, and other cute things. I’ve also recently started bullet journaling, which has just made me extremely picky about which pen brand I use or even how warm-toned the paper I choose to write on is.

Here’s one week from my bullet journal:  


I’ve also been really particular about my handwriting since like…2nd grade. I’ll spend hours trying to make my journal entries or even my notes for Organic Chemistry look absolutely perfect. And although it is fun and nice to look at, sometimes I wonder if my whole need for good handwriting has started to become unhealthy…

My Orgo Notes


So since I NEED to have great handwriting (honestly I still think my handwriting is ugly though), the pen/paper I use is super important to me. I’ve found that if I make my own study guide for a test that Target’s generic brand, up&up’s, college-ruled loose leaf is soo nice. Of course, writing on a stack of at least 3 pieces of the paper helps a lot too.

Handwriting Goals? Maybe?

I really don’t think that this obsession fully evolved until I entered college though, where I found myself having to constantly rewrite notes for my science classes. If my notes were ugly, then I didn’t want to look at them again. So I had to have pretty notes that I’d want to continue staring at, you know? (no, you don’t know because you’re actually a productive college student unlike me)


But through it all, I’ve found that my favorite pen is the Black Muji Gel Ink Pen (0.38mm) and my favorite highlighter color is brown. Ok and I know you’re probably thinking, “Why brown?” But dude look at this. Isn’t it so aesthetically pleasing?

Trust me, brown highlighters are actually cool

But yes! I am obsessed with stationery! And I am also obsessed with having perfect handwriting! Is there something wrong with me? Probably! But I hope this article inspired you with your note taking I guess…?


Hello~ I'm Michelle! I'm a second year student at the University of Virginia planning to major in Cognitive Science. Thanks for reading my articles!