My Favorite Art Youtubers

I am personally terrible at art. Throughout elementary and middle school actually, my parents had me attend an art class every Sunday morning. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love art. I think the process of creating something with paint or colored pencil or clay is incredibly relaxing. Whenever I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed, art helps me calm down. My art journals are full of meaningless doodles and half-drawings. Although I don’t draw as much as I used to, I have started to watch more art youtubers. Here are several of my favorites.

  1. 1. CatCreature

    CatCreature is one of the OGs of the art school vlog genre. Over her four years at the Rhode Island School of Design, she has produced countless art tutorials, daily vlogs, and travel videos. On top of being incredibly talented and sweet, CatCreature is also very funny and quick witted. Her post-commentary always makes her videos interesting to watch. Whether it’s a forty minute sit-down chit chat video, or a three day Bahamas cruise vlog, CatCreature’s personality is so easy going that anything she makes is fun to watch.

  2. 2. cupofjasmien

    cupofjasmien is currently a junior at the Pratt Institute of Art in Brooklyn, NY. Similar to CatCreature, cupofjasmien does a lot of weekly art vlogs. On top of art however, she also does videos on her tattoo apprenticeship and her own art shop. I really like it when she walks through the behind-the-scenes of her products because it really shows how much work is needed in order to run a functioning business. From hand making necklaces and masks to wrapping up shipping orders, cupofjasmien really gives a comprehensive look at what a small independent art business looks like.

  3. 3. linh truong

    Unlike the first two, Linh actually doesn’t go to an art university. However, she makes the list because she is incredibly artistic. She recently moved into an apartment, and she did such a good job with interior design. Similar to cupofjasmien, Linh also has an art shop on which she has provided behind-the-scenes clips of. Linh is also an avid Animal Crossing player, and currently has a FIVE-star rated island. I really like Linh’s content because she does a great job of showing how everyone, not just natural artists or art students, can easily incorporate art into their everyday lives.