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My devotion to the “Todoist” app for organizing my life

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UVA chapter.

 I have always loved school supplies and organizing my calendar for the start of a semester. Color-coding my paper-planner for all my classes and meetings fills my heart with joy. As much as I adore a paper-planner, there is a lack of efficiency involved with the process of handwriting everything. That’s where my favorite app—Todoist—enters the picture.

         I first started using Todoist at the start of my senior year of high school. I have now completed over 4305 tasks and reached the Grand Master level of “karma points,” which is the system used to track your productivity—I think it is safe to say Todoist is central to my life. 

Users are able to color code their various projects, which is a feature I use to mimic the system I used with a traditional paper-planner to track my classes. You can also set due dates and times for tasks, and Todoist reminds users about the task via a notification 30 minutes before the due date. Your account syncs across your devices, making all your important lists available on your phone, tablet, and laptop all at once. It is also available in both free and paid versions. If you plan on using it daily, I think the premium version is well worth the $36 annual subscription fee. 

         Additionally, Todoist sends an email to users each morning for their to-do list for the day, making it simpler than ever to stay organized during the chaos of the school year. Seeing my day laid out visually motivates me to stay on-top of all my assignments and removes some stress from my day. I have tried several digital planners, like Google Calendar, and nothing compares to the intuitive nature and customizability of Todoist.  Even better, it is also a super uplifting and inspiring platform—the app displays positive messages when you complete tasks and reach your daily and weekly productivity goals—both of which are customizable. On days that you are not going to be working and you want to keep your productivity streak alive, you can set the app onto Vacation Mode to keep your karma points and streak in-tact. 

 I am forever grateful for Todoist entering my life—it keeps my brain streamlined and in-control, making it something that I simply cannot live without.

Elizabeth Parsons is a staff writer at the University of Virginia’s HerCampus chapter. She joined the team during the 2022-2023 academic year. Elizabeth is from Virginia Beach, VA, where she has lived for her whole life. As a third-year student with a passion for reading and writing, she is studying both English and French. She is also the Senior Associate of The Cavalier Daily’s Life Desk, which focuses on content specific to student life at UVA — including features of student events and organizations, food-related articles, student columns, and top 10 lists. Beyond HerCampus, Elizabeth loves sipping oat milk lattes, strolling through bookstores, reading the latest issue of The New Yorker, playing Wordle, swimming, going to the beach, and watching reality TV— especially Below Deck Down Under. She is always looking for book recommendations, and she loves talking about her latest reads. After spending last summer in London, she is eager to return — and plans to move to London eventually. She is looking forward to another year with HerCampus and to sharing a mix of all her passions with readers. From the best lip gloss to her tips for studying abroad, Elizabeth is excited to share about all the things that matter to her.