My 5 Favorite Internet Famous Dogs of 2017





Let’s be honest, 2017 wasn’t the year I hoped for. Between political turmoil, natural disasters, and national tragedy, the year was a lot to handle. But, among the stress of 2017, there were some pretty great things that happened. Beyonce had twins, Fiona the Hippo survived against all odds, and women showed our power through huge movements like the Women’s March and the #MeToo movement. Also in this year, I discovered these five internet famous dogs, all of which made my life infinitely better. When the country seems to be falling apart, watching dogs stay unfailingly paw-sitive and loyal can fix everything, even if just for a moment. Here are my five favorite internet dogs that got me through 2017.


The Golden Ratio 4

Snapchat and Instagram: @thegoldenratio4

The Golden Ratio 4 has become my absolute FAVORITE Snapchat account this year. They have a rockin’ Instagram account as well, but Snapchat is where the four (but currently five) golden retrievers thrive. Maggie, Jasmine, Hopper, Venkman, and Casey (their new foster dog) live in Washington D.C., where their mom and dad showcase their daily lives on the Snap! The best part of every day is watching the dogs gingerly take their breakfast carrots.

Sneakers the Corgi

Instagram: @sneakersthecorgi

Sneakers the Corgi, hailing from San Francisco, is the cutest ball of smiles I’ve found in this year. The Welsh Pembroke is known for his adorable costumes, ranging from Eleven to a can of LaCroix. His favorite food is pizza, and when he’s not modeling, he’s a therapy dog!

Parker and Sabo

Instagram: @parker.and.sabo

I’ve followed Parker and Sabo for a while now, but they continue to reside in my list of favorite internet dogs. The two incredibly photogenic Australian Shepherds from Ohio are inseparable, making for beautiful pictures of the pair. The younger pup, Sabo, has heterochromia, meaning he has two different colored eyes! His left eye is a crystal clear blue, while his right eye matches his brother Parker’s chocolate peepers. Just one look and you’ll fall in love with these dogs!

Rhea the Samoyed

Instagram: @rheathesamoyed

Rhea the Samoyed, from our very own Charlottesville, Virginia, turned one this year! I was even lucky enough to give her a snuggle when I ran into her while out for a walk. Why? Because Rhea’s owner goes to UVA! Rhea has quickly become a favorite at the University over the past year. She’s well known for her happy demeanor and her beautiful pictures with the Rotunda! Fun fact: Samoyeds have been nicknamed “The Smiling Dog.” It’s easy to see why, with Rhea’s infectious smile.


Maine Aussies

Instagram: @maine_aussies

It’s been quite the year for these Australian Shepherds! Just 6 weeks ago, mom Luna gave birth to EIGHT new puppies!! It’s been such a fun ride watching the tiny babies grow, from opening their eyes to wobbly walking to roughhousing with each other on the kitchen floor. Luna is such a good mom, and the videos of her corralling, nursing, and snuggling her puppies will warm your heart. Also, if you’re looking for a puppy, these pups are up for sale! My favorite of the litter is Beth!