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Music: Kickin’ It Old School

Like the majority of our generation, I’ve found myself completely into the electronic, house, and dub step music scene. The music is fun and energetic and gets me pumped up. I listen to my Kaskade and Eric Prydz playlists when I’m walking to class, when I’m pretending to be paying attention to my dry reading, when I’m getting ready to go out, and pretty much whenever I can. I can usually hear Avicii blasting from some apartment on a typical Uva Thursday or Friday night. And not that I don’t absolutely love the electronic music scene…but what ever happened to classic rock like the Rolling Stones or The Cure?
 I’ve recently found myself listening to older music and realizing how much I’ve been missing out on by solely sticking to one genre of music. I think, like in every subject, students should educate themselves on more than just one category of music. They might be surprised to find themselves fall in love with the sound of guitar music or classical music rather than only our generation’s obsession with house music. So  give it a try and listen to something out of your comfort zone.

Here are some of my favorite older tracks:

Tangled up in Blue by Bob Dylan

Roadhouse Blues by The Doors

Anarchy in the UK by the Sex Pistols

Lust for Life by Iggy Pop

Rockaway Beach by the Ramones

And these two bands you might want to check out: The Growlers and The Booze. They aren’t from a previous time, but they have a great guitar sound to them. Check them out and find yourself with a whole new world of music to explore.

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