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Tracy Le

Monochromatic Moments


What’s one of the easiest ways to elevate your look? Monochromatic dressing! Here’s a look at the monochromatic trend and how you can style it. 

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My go-to color for monochromatic dressing is white. Although probably the least practical color (especially if you're no stranger to coffee spills like me), there's something about it that exudes elegance and sophistication. When opting for a white on white look, try to match the shades as closely as possible so that your outfit looks clean, crisp, and put together. 

[bf_image id="q8rchk-a0xts0-9uahe0"] I'm a sucker for neutrals. They're subtle, yet striking when worn together. Here I paired a beige skirt with a beige button up that I converted into an off the shoulder top. Doing this creates a more feminine silhouette as opposed to a boxier one, which I find flatters me more personally. It's all about making your pieces work for you! Don't be afraid to make adjustments and fiddle around with the fit of your clothes.

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Clearly, my biker short obsession has NOT gone away. Here I styled it with my favorite faux leather jacket. It is an absolute staple piece for me regardless of the season. Earlier this year when perusing through a variety of leather jacket styles, I found that the extra buckles and hardware of this one really added a unique edge that I loved. As with white, try to match the shades of black so as to make your outfit as seamless as possible. The cropped style of this jacket also works to elongate the body. You could also pair this jacket with a dress or a floral patterned top to create an interesting juxtaposition between the more feminine piece to the edgier one. 

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Monochromatic dressing does not have to be kept to just neutral tones. In fact, it shouldn't be! A pink on pink, red on red, or cobalt on cobalt fit is just as striking and put together. Pairing vibrant colors together adds a new level of boldness and truly puts a fun spin on this trend. Playing around with different textures like the ribbed pattern of this turtleneck, also helps to add some dimension.


As always, regardless of how you choose to style your monochromatic fits, have fun with it! Wear whatever makes you feel empowered!



Tracy is a first year at the University of Virginia. While her intended major is biology, she also has a passion for photography and writing. In addition to HC, she writes on her own blog, Beyond the Lens, and runs a budding photography business! Check out her Instagram (@letracyy) and as always, happy reading!
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