Merits of the Kim Possible Movie

So we all know remakes or adaptations can be hit or miss. Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Miss. Avatar: the Last Airbender: Hard miss. Kim Possible? I’d have to say...miss.

I love KP. I love Ron and Rufus. I loved the show as a kid (still do, let’s be honest). But this live-action adaptation makes me feel sorry for anyone whose first KP experience is this movie. Please, just watch the show and stick to the show. Yet, there were a few things in this movie that gives it some merit.


  1. Ron would be proud of live-action Ron. I was hesitant about how Ron would be written. But I came out pleasantly surprised by Sean Giambrone’s performance. His voice was pretty spot on. And he was so positive! He always had Kim’s back when she was feeling down or scared. And his enthusiasm for everything. Even for making friends. Ron is a cinnamon roll.

  2. Talk about girl power. About 90% of the main cast and characters are female! The only male main characters are Drakken and Ron, really. (And Rufus?) Kim and Shego are the main powerhouses, plus the new girl Athena (there’s tea there) can kick some butt too. And the movie even has Kim’s mother and grandmother in on the action! Shego even has some girl back up. There’s one scene where she calls fellow henchmen--scratch that--henchwomen to help her take down Athena. Out of nowhere, these ninja girls/women (who can tell?) show up. Drakken takes the biggest approach to this whole girl power thing. His main goal in this story is to find and take Kim’s “spark,” what makes her so good at beating him. So, he literally wants her girl power.

  3. The theme song is still there and going strong. The movie even recreated the opening theme montage pretty close to the original. I enjoyed it.

  4. Middleton High School’s message board is, also, still going strong. The Procrastination Club is still postponed.

So, again, in all. The story really flopped. Kim is trying to find out who she “really is,” but getting there somehow involves an inordinate amount of cartwheels, somersaults, and grappling hooks. And then there’s Athena! Athena’s character is...interesting, to say the least, without giving away spoilers. Also, WHERE IS MONIQUE?