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Meet One Less Treasurer, Sarah Holzgrefe

Meet second-year, Sarah Holzgrefe, the treasurer of One Less. One Less is a club promoting consent-based sex education in order to lower STI rates and prevent sexual assault. Keep reading to learn more about Sarah and the amazing work and opportunities of One Less!

Mae Harris: What’s your year/major at UVA?

Sarah Holzgrefe: I am a second year and currently have not declared my major. However, I am considering either a Global Development Studies or a Foreign Affairs major doubled with a History major.

MH: What other clubs and organizations are you a part of?

SH: I am a member of Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority and a writer for the humor section of the Cavalier Daily.

MH: What inspired you to join this organization at UVA?

SH: I’ve always been passionate about consent-based sex education, as my high school only had abstinence-based education and I experienced the effects of it firsthand. Without the presence of this kind of education, studies have shown that there are higher rates of STIs and pregnancy. Besides this, it leads to a society that does not know the importance of obtaining consent from their partner(s). This of course leads to issues of sexual assault and rape. I wanted to foster an understanding of this importance among my peers, which is why I initially joined the organization. (Photo courtesy of One Less UVA Facebook)

MH: What is the concept behind One Less?

SH: The first priority of One Less is education. Of course, we try to be advocates, but we do not have the sufficient training to consider ourselves advocates for sexual assault. We give presentations about consent, sexual assault, IPV, and title IX among other topics to clubs and organizations on grounds. We are all passionate about spreading the message of the importance of consent to our peers.

MH: What kind of events does One Less host/present?

SH: One Less traditionally gives group presentations over the course of the year. However, recently, we’ve been embarking on new events. We recently partnered with One Love to raise money and collect items for SHE. We also are in the midst of having a workshop, regarding our script, with the MRC and the QSU to make sure it encompasses the experiences of all groups of people on grounds. Lastly, we hope to set up “office hours” for our peers to come in and ask us questions regarding what we present.

MH: Why do you think the presence of clubs like One Less and other similar organizations is beneficial to the UVA community?

SH: As I said earlier, it is imperative that people are educated about the importance of consent, as it fosters healthy relationships. With organizations like One Less, we can spread these messages to our peers and hopefully foster a healthier environment on grounds.

(Photo courtesy of One Less UVA)


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