Mary Katherine Lawrence '18

Year: 3rd Year

Major: Civil Engineering

Hometown: Lexington, Virginia


What are your favorite involvements at UVA?

My favorite involvements so far at UVA have been participating in a wide variety of UPC events. My favorite was the toothpick bridge-building contest. UPC always has a lot of great food and fun people to talk to, and the more people who go to the events make the events more fun!


What are you most excited about for your third year?

As a third year, I am most excited about getting my ring in November. I have worked really hard to get here and I am excited to finally have a little something to show for it, plus it’s super cute!


What is your Fall essential?

My fall essential is my Patagonia fleece vest. It is perfect for when it is not freezing cold but is cold enough you want another layer. It is also a win because it has two zipper pockets, which is great for when you want to wear leggings that do not have pockets!


What is your favorite UVA tradition?

My favorite tradition at UVA is Lighting of the Lawn. It is going to be even better this year with the rotunda finished! It is a nice that UVA has so many events to bring everybody together, but lighting of the lawn is my favorite of all!


What do you want to be when you grow up?

When I grow up I want to be a project engineer on a construction site. When I was little we added onto our house and did a lot of the building ourselves. This really sparked my interest in putting things together; it was so amazing to watch it start as a huge hole in my backyard and now be the place where I live. I am really looking forward to having an outside engineering job. I like to problem-solve and work together in groups to be able to use everybody's experiences to solve the problem at hand. I am really interested in specialized construction like building and remodeling working hospitals!