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Makeup trends are always evolving, and there are always new ones each month. But that does not mean that it is not fun to try them out.

1. Latte Makeup

As fall is coming up, latte makeup is a great makeup trend to try. This trend is best matched with a cozy sweater and a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. For this look, a rich brown eyeshadow, nude lips, and a bronze undertone blush are needed. Top it off with gold or terracotta highlighter.

2. Minimal Makeup

If you are a Hailey Bieber follower, you know that the model does not like to use a lot of products when she is doing her makeup. She does not use foundation for her skin. If she has a couple of blemishes, she only applies a little concealer. This makeup look is put together but not exaggerated, which is perfect for classes. To have this look, you can use a little concealer and a natural-tone blush to have a natural flush.

3. 90’s Lip

This makeup trend was probably popular with our moms when they were our age. So it is a good idea to ask them how to do the look because it is back. With the rise of 90s supermodel off-duty makeup looks and Y2K fashion, this look is having a comeback. For this look, you need a dark chocolate liner to have plump-looking lips and brown lipstick. You can combine this lip with a smokey eye to have a more grungy look or do a little black eyeliner to keep the lips bold.

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