Madison Holton ‘17

Name: Madison Holton

Year: Third (Soon to be fourth!)

Major: Commerce with concentrations in Management and Finance


What is your favorite thing about UVA?

Definitely the people! I feel like everyone has a cool story about how they got to where they are and a lot of ambition for where they want to be in the future!

What is your favorite UVA tradition?

Trick-or-treating on the Lawn! It’s so cool that all the kids come together and they’re all so cute in their little costumes. It’s super fun to be able to be in college and it still be cool to dress up yourself!

What is your finals week motivation?

I would have to say picturing my bed and sleeping in it for an uninterrupted amount of time.

What is the best restaurant on the corner?

Hands down, Arch’s. I go every Tuesday and I pile my bowl high with lots of flavors and whipped cream and definitely rainbow sprinkles! It’s pretty exciting, all for just $5!

(I’m pretty sure my sister is a walking advertisement for this place at this point, but for real, you should go on Arch’s Tuesday - Serena)

Favorite involvement at UVA?

I think one of the things I’m looking forward to the most is being a block mentor in the Comm school next year! I’m going to be mentoring students in Block 7 as well as transfer students into the Comm school and I’m really excited.

What're you hoping for right now?

Right now, I’m hoping that I can finish this interview and finish packing for study abroad in South Africa! Haha, but for real what I’m hoping for is to go to Arch’s one last time before summer and also to get a Cookout milkshake before I leave.