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Lital Firestone ’17

Lital Firestone 

Year: Second Year

Major: Foreign Affairs

Hometown: Rockville, Maryland

She is the Second Year Council Vice President, a Resident Advisor, and member of the University Dance Club. But, Lital Firestone’s involvement within the UVA community does not stop there. Recently, I got a chance to catch up with this week’s Campus Celebrity, a second year, and got her perspective on the organizations she is a part of, being on Grounds, and being a Wahoo.


What are you involved in around grounds? Vice President of Second Year Council, which is probably my biggest commitment. I’m a huge theater geek, so I’m very involved in Drama Department Productions and any dancing opportunities around grounds like the University Dance Club. Other activities include being a first-year RA, writing for the Cavalier Daily, and participating in Sustained Dialogue.

I’m most excited about a new initiative called PULSE, which I and a few other fourth year students hope to start on grounds. PULSE is a college retreat designed to explore identity, leadership and diversity. Be it sexual assault, bullying, or bigotry, this retreat can plant the seeds for individual growth and begin hacking away at the cycle of oppression. The retreat encourages dialogue and compassion to strengthen our communities and construct a more inclusive space for every identity.

Why are you involved with these organizations? How do they add to your experience at UVA?

Second Year Council has truly been an eye-opening experience to the world of student self-governance. I continuously learn about the importance of empowerment and delegation in a large group setting. I feel incredibly connected to my peers and my class, and am eager to give back to my community in any way I can.

How long have you been a dancer? What got you interested in dance?

I’ve been dancing since I was 5, mostly studying modern, jazz, ballet, and tap. Dancing gives me the opportunity to control my mind and my body in a way that produces art. The adrenaline of being in front of an audience and contorting my body to music helps me connect to individual people in a nonverbal way.

Best way to spend Friday nights in Charlottesville?

Grabbing some food at Basil on the Corner, maybe catching a documentary at the Virginia Film Festival. If I really want to go out, I love hanging out at Boylan when there’s live music, and concluding the night with a great streak on the lawn.

Advice you would give to your first year self?


What is your favorite part about being a Wahoo?

We work hard and play hard.


Rapid Fire Questions

Favorite color: Turquoise

Favorite show: Orange is the New Black

Celebrity crush: Daniel Radcliffe (long time Harry Potter obsession)

Favorite class you’ve taken at UVA: Politics of Developing Areas (amazing class everyone in any major should take!!)

Hidden talent: I’m an incredible whistler

Vanilla or Chocolate: DARK CHOCOLATE

Favorite place on grounds: Amphitheatre



Student-athlete at the University of Virginia, that loves journalism!
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