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Every time daylight savings time rolls around, I find it’s nice to switch up my routine a little, change up some of my pass times and take extra time for self care. The cold is never fun so it’s a great time to realign and rework our own little personal systems.

  1. A great start is a little season change journal prompt. What do you want more of? What do you want less of? What are you excited for in the next few months? Taking this opportunity to reflect and taking advantage of a possible fresh start is a great way to shift your mindset. The warmer months aren’t just ending; there’s a new great couple of seasons ahead. Clear your mind and get excited.
  2. Now, to start with some more minute, cold months-specific things, buy a new coat. You never want to be cold and you won’t be if you dress warm. I hate the change in weather but making sure I’m ready for it AND taking the chance to buy a new, really cute coat makes it a lot less painful. It’s also such a good piece to invest in since you will quite literally have to wear it everyday. Some suggestions are an Aritzia Super Puff (every single color is amazing) or a furry faux teddy jacket from Alo. I have both and they make dressing up for the cold fashionable for me. You can’t wear coats in the warmer months! Take advantage now. Treat yourself.
  3. Another manner of treating yourself and taking advantage of what’s special about these months is holiday drinks. Specifically, the Starbucks ones are iconic but practically every coffee shop has options. Study in a coffee shop or pick up one in the drive through. These are seasonal so spring on them now since they’re delicious. Get in the spirit with these small treats, and you probably won’t want these months to end. My favorite has been the Starbucks Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew — taking advantage of all the fall vibes. Also, I want to give an honorable mention to their Sugar Cookie iced latte! It comes with holiday sprinkles.
  4. On the more practical side, take this time to reset your sleep schedule. With it getting darker so much earlier, there’s honestly no excuse to get up at 2 AM and have only a few hours of sunlight in your day. Watch the sunset, form a night routine, get cozy early and maybe you’ll even get up with the sunrise. There’s nothing better than waking up to a golden sky and knowing you’re taking advantage of all the sunlight there is to offer with daylight savings. Sunlight is an unmatched alarm clock. Open those blinds!
  5. One fun activity is throwing dinner parties for or with your friends. Do it potluck style, get holiday decorations and just be around the people you love. Make an event out of it, and it could just make a random Friday incredibly festive. Channel your inner suburban mom and go to Michaels and grab some table decor.
  6. Get cozy and read before bed listening to the yule log on Youtube. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. It’s a game changer. Even if it’s only a few pages, get under a warm blanket, light a candle and preferably read either a mystery or Harry Potter vibe book in these colder months. Get to bed earlier this way and just pretend you’re snuggled up before a warm fire.
  7. Now on the morning front, encourage yourself to get out of your warm bed in the AM with music or a podcast. I always like to do this cause I feel like it not only wakes me up but also just clears my mind a bit; I especially enjoy it in these seasons. Having something to listen to that’ll boost my mood really just makes leaving my cozy cocoon that much more tolerable.

It’s all about your mindset. Take this portion of the year and harness all that’s great about it. Start thinking about how you can elevate your game in the colder months. Let’s make this frosty front as enjoyable as we can.

My name is Julia Cloppse, I am a second year at UVA and I'm from Staten Island, New York!
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