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Kat Harrison ’18

Name: Katherine  (“Kat”) Harrison

Year: First

Hometown: Christiansburg, VA

Major: Undecided but a possible minor in Religion!

What are you involved in?

Student Council Sustainability Committee, Earth Week Committee, CavDaily Arts and Entertainment section, Cavs in the Classroom (through Madison House), and Alpha Phi!

What does your perfect outfit look like?

This is what I’m picturing: I’m in my 20’s, I have a successful job in some sort of big city and I’m dressed in dark wash jeans, boots that go over my knees- the heeled ones of course- a silky blouse, and a nicely cut blazer. I’m not big on jewelry but if I were to have a perfect outfit I would have all “gold errythang” aka gold watch, gold earrings, etc.

Name 2 pieces that have caught your eye lately- what you’ve been craving to buy for your closet?

1) A black long sleeve swing dress- I’m really into that look at the moment! I’m trying to find the perfect one.

2) Low heeled every day black velvet boots

How would you describe your style?

Is it bad to say college lazy? Leggings and sweaters are a staple!

Describe a perfect day to me:

I wake up early, completely energized, before the sunset. As the sun rises, I’m doing yoga on the beach. I then lay on the beach all day and snack on fresh cherries- the best beach snack! I would try paddle boarding for the first time because I’ve always wanted to try it. The end of the day would be drinking a daiquiri (virgin of course!) at my beautiful (dream) beach house. I would then get ready to go to a nice Italian restaurant (in Italy no less!) and then hop on a plane to London for a Broadway show. That’s doable right?

If you could switch identities with anyone for a day, who would you be?

That’s easy: Sophia Bush!  I’m obsessed with her because she’s done it all. She has such a positive message- she uses her fame to do great things. She’s a social activist, a fashionista and hot as sh…wait, don’t quote me on that last one…

What’s your biggest fashion pet peeve?

White socks with black tennis shoes, it just looks tacky to me.

Favorites of the moment—

Store: 310 Rosemont. It’s a little store from my town and it has a mixture of brands (Free People, Patagonia, etc.), you can get a variety of things there.

Series: Prison Break (yes, I know… it’s my guilty pleasure at the moment!)  

Clothing item: My new Free People bra.

Restaurant: Vivace- an amazing Italian place with the best ambiance in C-ville!

What are you looking most forward to this Spring?  Playing tennis — in warm weather! 

Smile, it makes you live longer! 
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