Jack Capra '18

Name: Jack Capra
Year: First Year
Major: BioChem
Hometown: Vienna, Virginia
1. What is your favorite part about UVA? What made this school stand out to you among the others?
For me, UVA was always the number 1 choice. It's an amazing school, plus I get in-state tuition. There's also the whole social aspect, and the fact that everyone here is a fun person. More than anything, doing an overnight stay through the  Monroe Society and streaking the lawn that same night solidified the choice for me.
2. What are you involved in at UVA? 
Currently I am on the Club Water Polo team, which I would consider a solid mid-tier Club. We're no Club Soccer, but we're definitely better than the Club Swim Team. Though I am not very good at polo, I find it to be a ton of fun. When I'm not practicing, I go out with my friends most weekends.  Due to my large stature, I normally end up walking people home and caring for drunk hallmates at 2am. The fact that I am passionate about caring for intoxicated individuals, combined with recent events here in Charlottesville, is what inspired me to start Buddies On Call.
3. How did you come up with the Buddies on Call idea? What are your hopes for the program this year? 
Buddies On Call is something that has evolved to be a lot bigger than I ever thought it would. Initially, I thought that some hallmates and I could give up our Friday night to volunteer to walk people home from Rugby or 14th so they would still feel safe going out in light of recent events. Like any good millennial, I yakked this idea to see what others thought of it. The support I recieved back was great, but people suggested that I make it a legitimate club.  After considering the nature of the club I decided that it may seem creepy and some officialization would help. I posted on the Class of 2018 Facebook group, and again on Yik Yak, and received enormous support for continuing onward with the CIO process. My goals for the program are essentially to fill in the natural gaps left by University-provided services. SafeWalk only operates Sunday-Thursday, and Saferide doesn't begin service until after 2am. This leaves a void for a guaranteed safe way home on Friday and Saturday nights. Thus, Buddies on Call is there to help people make it back to their home safely on these nights.
4. If any of our readers want to get involved with Buddies on Call, how should they go about doing so? 
Currently I am still waiting on approval of CIO status and making it an official group. I presented the club to student council Tuesday evening and, as of writing this, I am still awaiting a response. If someone wants to get involved they can join the Buddies On Call Facebook group I created. We will probably have our first meeting sometime next week and begin offering services by the 26th of September if all goes to plan.
To read more about Buddies on Call, check out their Facebook page.