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Guest writer: Alex Greif

If you buy makeup on the internet and haven’t heard of Shop Miss A then you’re missing out. Shop Miss A is an online store (with a number of real life stores in Texas) where everything is a dollar. You read that right, everything on this website is a singular dollar! One crisp digital Washington (+shipping and handling) and a new lipstick or highlighter is yours. So here are five things to buy instead of that next tall, non-fat mocha with caramel drizzle (or buy it anyway and look fabulous).


AOA Wonder Matte Liquid Lipstick in Obsessed


AOA is the Shop Miss A in-house makeup brand, and one of their best products is the Wonder Matt Liquid Lipstick. The color Obsessed is a beautiful blue toned red that looks good on most skin tones, but if you’re looking to experiment with more bold colors then $1 lipstick is the way to go.


Essential Oil Hydrating Lip Care


After that matte lipstick your lips will be a bit parched, but nothing this lip balm can’t fix! There are many flavors of the lip balm, but I’m partial to avocado. The lip balm works well if you use it after a lip scrub or the following item.


AOA Scrubby Facial Cleansing Pad


This scrubbing pad is great to get off all the dead skins of your face and get a good lather going with the face wash of your choice. The dead skin removing quality is especially useful in the winter when your skin isn’t happy in general.


AOA Wonder Baked Highlighter – Cream Puff


Highlighter is good all the time, winter or summer (although in summer do you really need highlighter if you just have sweat?). The Cream Puff color gives a good glow without having a weird cast left when you’re looking straight forward. There are many other colors in the same line if Cream Puff isn’t quite the color for you.


AOA Diamond Lip Gloss - Posh

Don’t stop the sparkle just at highlighter, why not go for a glittery gloss? The AOA Diamond Glosses work great by themselves or as a topper for matte lipstick, and aren’t sticky like the lip gloss from our childhoods were.


Those are just five items you should check out, and you can get them all for just a Lincoln. And hey, if everything is just a dollar why stop at 5 things, why not go for 10, or 15?

Hi! I'm a fourth year English major/Drama minor at the University of Virginia. I'm also a marching band geek. If you ask me what instrument I play I will respond with "I play flag." I'm a huge movie snob, a pickier reader, and a first class procrastinator. If you need an emergency dad joke, come to me. I got you.
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