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How to Wear this Season’s Trickiest Trends

If only every trend could be as easy as color blocking.  This season we’re being fed everything from hiker boots, to capes, to even faux fur.  As the trends get trickier, we become pickier.  We forgo the unknown and stick to the tried and true Fashion Commandments to dictate our style.  The same old fashion rules however may have led you to develop an appetite to try something new. Here’s my take on what trends to take note of this season and why they’re worth trying.

Hiker Boots 
These boots are a blessing for the fashion forward feet that want to remain on-trend, but still keep their warmth.  These boots give you the height of a heel, but will also keep your feet protected once the looming chill of winter sets in.  Wear these boots with jeans and let an inch or so of a woolly sock peek out for a rugged and cool casual night out.  

Faux Fur 
This trend popped up near the end of winter last year and is now taking the fashion world by storm.  Stick to faux fur vests as opposed to jackets to keep from looking like Puff Daddy circa 1998.  Make sure the vest has a soft texture to ware off any caveman vibes.  Take a cue from Rachel Zoe and wear these faux fur vests with an all-black ensemble and let the fur be the statement piece.    

Though these are “treats for your feets”, these loafers can be mistaken for Aladdin’s slippers if worn the wrong way.  Pair these shoes with tapered pants that hit at the ankle instead of jeans to keep these shoes looking flirty and feminine. 

The mere thought of a cape conjures up images of Zorro.  Keep it contemporary by seeking out capes with structure and strong lines.  Jcrew’s Streetscape Cape and Zara’s Crossover Cape are both standouts.  Balance the cape’s voluminous silhouette with slim jeans to create a sleek look that’s sure to capture attention. 

Mid-length skirts
Annie Oakley called and wants her skirt back…not the look you’re trying to imitate.  To keep from looking too “Little House on the Prairie,” find a mid-length pleated silk skirt in a pattern or vibrant color.  Pair these skirts with ankle boots to show a little skin and to avoid looking too covered up. 
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Francesca Lee is a fourth year majoring in sociology with a minor in media studies at the University of Virginia. This summer, she developed a passion for TV production after interning at WETA, the public television station for DC and the greater metro area.  Throughout the summer, Francesca researched, wrote and produced several WETA Around Town segments about the local arts programs and graffiti murals in DC.  As the new campus correspondent for Her Campus UVa, she is working to create video content for the UVa branch to supplement the written content.  This spring, she hopes to study abroad in Denmark and expand her knowledge of international broadcasting and advertising. Francesca also gives historical and admissions tours to visitors and prospective students at UVa and is a member of Alpha Chi Omega Sorority.  
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