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How To Stay Organized Post Spring Break

After an exhilarating trip to Staples (really, I love going to Staples) I always start the semester off organized and fresh. New pens, new notebooks, my calendar is clean and fresh. My desk contains only the necessities: laptop, stapler, tape, etc. But it’s half way through the semester and my desk is beginning to look a bit like this:

No matter how hard I try to organize it, after a mere 48 hours, the desk returns to a disaster (it’s like the entropy is coming back to haunt me after years of avoiding science).    

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon WallPops!, a website filled with various (and affordable!) peel and stick products. While at first I was interested in something along the lines of a peel and stick headboard (having only a bed frame and a mattress…) I began to think about my current organizational problem. After convincing myself that I didn’t need a fake headboard, I settled on a peel and stick dry erase calendar.

While my desk is still filled with too many papers, the physical calendar I bought at the beginning of the year, that is now filled with scribbles and cross-outs, smudges and a few food stains (I should probably learn to eat dinner at an actual table) has been replaced by a larger, easier, more malleable calendar. Appointment cancelled? Just wipe it away. Event happening two weeks from now? The whole month is visible, instead of having to flip ahead to see what’s next.

Despite the fact that I still need a filing cabinet, WallPops! is a great way to help yourself get more organized, especially after midterms. A fresh start to the second half of the semester can help pep back up your work ethic, and clear your mind of any extraneous thoughts or concerns. Whether you need a calendar, like me, or a pop of color in your room, check out WallPops! for your decorating needs.


Katrina Margolis graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in English and Film. She served as the senior editor of HC UVA for two and a half years. She is currently an assistant editor for The Tab. Wahoowa! 
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