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How to Have a Social Socially-Distant Fall

It’s happening. It’s getting cold, and the unspoken question of the season is how will we continue to see friends in a socially distant manner without freezing or contracting hypothermia. For months we’ve grown accustomed to 6-feet apart picnics, trips out to vineyards, and studying on the lawn, but as the temperature drops outdoor meet-ups become more of a challenge. Below are some ideas to tackle the challenge and keep you socializing.

Keep Moving!

Go for a walk, a hike, a run. As someone who much prefers to sit on the couch and fall asleep I understand how hard it can be to motivate yourself to go do something active, however if you keep yourself moving you’ll be much warmer. You can’t go wrong with Humpback Rock (unless it’s raining), a walk to the downtown mall, or an ice skating trip. You can also keep yourself accountable by working out with a friend. 

Pick a Sunny Spot

A little sun goes a long way, and so does the right time of day. Aim for anytime between noon and four and find a spot to sit that gets a lot of sun. Sitting on stone or concrete may also help as those spots tend to get hotter the sunnier it gets. 

Invest in a Good Winter Jacket, a Good Pair of Socks, and a Hat You Actually Like 

It may sound simple but let me break it down. Some people may tell you to wear two pairs of socks, but doubling up can actually make your feet so warm and stifled that you’ll sweat through the first pair, making them damp. If it’s cold enough your wonderfully damp socks will then freeze, effectively trapping your feet in little ice coffins. Instead go for a single sturdy pair with enough room for your toes to wiggle. Same thing goes for coats and jackets. You want to look for something with a sleek exterior (to break the wind) and a soft interior (to keep you toasty). A thin layer underneath may be a good idea but avoid looking like Alphie’s little brother from a Christmas Story. 

S’mores. Enough Said.

This one pretty much explains itself. Stay warm by a fire, tell some ghost stories, and enjoy the king of all autumnal desserts: some s’mores. 

Ellie Wilkie is a double major in English & Political Science at UVA. She enjoys satire, sketch comedy, historical fiction, and the 1995 masterpiece Clueless. Ellie is a cat lady in training with a propensity for sarcasm and Bodo's Bagels.
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