How to Have Fun at a College Football Game: A Field Guide

We are incredibly fortunate to be attending UVA during an era of tremendous athletic promise. Every team at UVA puts their heart and soul into both their academic and athletic competitions. Our men’s basketball and lacrosse teams won national championships last year, our women’s rowing team is a perennial powerhouse (they’ve 18 of the last 19 ACC rowing championships), our men’s and women’s tennis programs have been very strong in recent years, and our football team is in the process of setting a new standard for excellence right before our very eyes. In their home opener against William and Mary, the Wahoo football team won by a whopping score of 52-17. Our football team members are excellent ambassadors for UVA and play their hearts out every week. In honor of the new school year and football season, here are a few ways you can enjoy the games and support the team!

Picture via Virginia Football on Facebook


Just go.

    If you’ve never been to a UVA football game, give it a try! You don’t even have to like football to have a good time. Go with friends and you can socialize, enjoy the band, feel the energy of the crowd, and catch a few good plays on the field. Not to mention, admission is free! All you need is your student ID at the gate. As an added bonus, for each football game (and other home athletic event) you attend, you accrue more Sabre Points which increase your odds of winning tickets home men’s basketball games.

Picture via Virginia Football on Facebook


Wear whatever you want.

    It is a “tradition” for attendees of UVA football games to be dressed to the nines. While this may certainly be fun for some, don’t feel pressured to dress up in order to attend or have a good time if you don’t want to! Wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. The whole football game experience is far more exciting when it’s enjoyed in comfort and on your terms.

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Remember the captains.

There are dozens of players on the team’s roster and going to the trouble of remembering all of their names and numbers is an immense task. It’s true that every member of the team is important and plays a crucial role but there are three that you simply must know: Bryce Perkins (#3, Quarterback), Jordan Mack (#4, Inside Linebacker), and Bryce Hall (#34, Cornerback). Watch for these players, the team’s captains, throughout the game to get a sense of how hard our athletes play for each other and for our school. Not to mention, if one of them makes a big play, it feels great to say, “YEAAAAH YOU GO BRYYYYYCE.”

Picture via Virginia Football on Facebook


Football games are a blast when you attend with the right people and the right frame of mind. Get out there and show your support for our team as this (hopefully) will be one of their best seasons in recent memory!