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How To Get Festive For Fall On a Budget

If you’re looking to decorate your apartment, house, or dorm for the season, but don’t want to break your wallet, here are some ideas to get you started!

Pumpkin salt and pepper shakers
pumpkin decor
Original photo by Ellie Wilkie

Pumpkin salt and pepper shakers available at Family Dollar for, you guessed it, only a dollar! These cute little guys are sure to make you smile, but if Pumpkins aren’t your thing, also keep your eyes open for the squirrel and owl shaped versions. 

Candy corn in mason jars
candy corn in a jar
Ellie Wilkie

My sweet tooth couldn’t resist. Try grabbing a bag of candy corn on your next shopping trip, fill a mason jar or cleaned out pasta sauce jar, and leave it on your counter for decoration and for deliciousness. 

Fall candles
fall candles
Original photo by Ellie Wilkie

You can’t go wrong with candles (unless you live in the dorms). Classics smells are always good but we’re gonna put a word in for the underdog: Rake, Pile, Leap. I never thought wet leaves could smell so good. 


Fall kitchen towels
fall kitchen hand towels
Original photo by Ellie Wilkie

These autumn inspired towels are sure to spruce up your kitchen! Once again, these are available at Family Dollar, along with matching oven mitts.

fall flower decor
Original photo by Ellie Wilkie

Who says flowers are for the spring? Look for some red, brown, dark green, or orange ones to liven up your room. If you don’t have any vases, try recycling an old bottle. (a Nantucket bottle with the lid pulled off usually does the trick)

Wooden sign
hello autumn sign
Original photo by Ellie Wilkie

Once again, this little sign is a Family Dollar purchase that I’d highly recommend. They come in all shapes and sizes and look awesome on a kitchen counter, desk, or fireplace mantle. Better yet, they’re durable and relatively small; easy to store and reuse.

Ellie Wilkie is a double major in English & Political Science at UVA. She enjoys satire, sketch comedy, historical fiction, and the 1995 masterpiece Clueless. Ellie is a cat lady in training with a propensity for sarcasm and Bodo's Bagels.
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