How Clean is Your Makeup?

Out of the millions of apps out there today, there is an app called Think Dirty. The purpose of this app is to evaluate one’s different body products, from makeup to shampoos to lotions, based on how non-toxic, natural, and truly “clean” a product is for one’s body. This app has some positives and negatives to it, but here are some overall features to the app that make it somewhat informative, if not interesting at least, to use.

1. The home page:

The app opens with a search bar to browse products, including a scrolling list of suggested products, as well as trending products, and your “bathroom shelf.” The bathroom shelf has a list of all the products you add with an overall “dirtiness” rating in how your products measure up as a whole.

2. Searching for a product:

When you open the app, you can search for different products that you use. Once you do, you can press “Add to my Bathroom Shelf” to add it to your overall shelf, as well as the “Like button, “Add to a List” button, and other features. The product is listed with its name, size, how many times it is liked or listed by other users, where to buy the product, and the overall rating color coded for the product.

3. The "dirty meter:"

This is probably one of the best parts to the app to use. After searching for a product out of the 825,125 available, there is a “dirty meter,” which rates the product from neutral (0-2) all the way up to dirty (9-10) based on three criteria: carcinogenicity, developmental and reproductive toxicity, and allergies and immunotoxicitiy. There is even a little colored bar next to each section to show a visual display of the meter.

4. The ingredients:

Another tab under each product is the “ingredients” section, which lists all the known ingredients. Each ingredient is then highlighted one of three colors: green, yellow, or red. Red indicates an ingredient that is “dirty” or harmful to one’s health. Yellow is half dirty, half clean, and green is fully clean. You can click on each ingredient for a handy explanation of why that ingredient is colored that way.

5. Our picks <3:

After searching for a product and looking at its “dirtiness” rating, the “Our Picks <3” (actually with a heart) has a list of products that can be used instead of the product you have. It lists a number of products that can be used instead, and links to the product's information, including its “dirtiness” rating as well as where to buy the product.

6. Other features:

You can also scan a product by its bar code if it is not coming up in the search bar. You can also view your lists and set up a profile. In the profile section, you can earn “badges” with the more items you scan of different varieties such as “Bromance is in the Air” and “Green, Clean Scanning Machine” (warning: some of the badges and their explanations are PG-13).

Overall, this app is fun to use and gives interesting information about the products one uses for self-care. Definitely check out the app for yourself to see how your health products can be positively or negatively affecting your overall wellbeing. What is your overall rating for your bathroom shelf? How can you “clean” up your self-care? Do you agree or disagree with the ratings? And always remember your self-care is your number one priority!

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