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How to Celebrate Galentine’s Day with Your Best Friends

So it’s Valentine’s Day and you’re single. Who cares?! Here are some fun ways to celebrate the holiday with your closest girlfriends.


1.     Organize a “Secret Galentine” Gift Exchange.

Everyone deserves a gift on February 14th. Whether the gifts are goofy or really thoughtful, all your girls will leave happy. 

2.     Go on a Mini Shopping Spree at Your Favorite Stores. 

Nothing too extravagant, but go out and treat yo’ selves! What’s better to remember the holiday with than a cute sweater or pair of earrings?

3.     Host a Magic Mike Double Feature Party.

Watch Channing Tatum dancing to “Pony” the way it was intended to be enjoyed: sitting in front of the TV with your best girlfriends. Make it a double feature for double the fun.

4.     Organize a Potluck Dinner.

Have all your friends test their cooking skills and whip up a homemade meal. Nothing’s better than a good meal with good company.

5.     Pamper Yourselves.

Whether it’s facials, massages, or mani-pedis, go out and pamper yourselves this Galentine’s day. It’s just the midweek pick-me-up you’ll need. 


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