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Hourly Breakdown of Thoughts during an Encounter with Snow

1st hour in

What is happening outside? Omg is that snow. It does not look at all like the snowflakes we drew as kids. It looks so powdery and fluffy!

2nd hour in

OH, I was so wrong. They do look like the drawings! This is so cool.

3rd hour in

My vision is blurring so much because I’m trying to concentrate really hard to see the individual flakes as they fall.

4th Hour in

Let’s venture out and see what everyone else is up to! I bet the Rotunda and Lawn will look really pretty.

5th hour in

I am wearing four layers and a ski jacket but it is a bit more chilly than expected.

6th Hour in

Those friendly POWDERY flakes are really ATTACKING my face.

7th hour in

Don’t wipe out. Don’t wipe out. Don’t wipe out. Especially not in front of that large crowd.

8th hour in

This glorified rain is so cold and wet. I want to hide.

9th hour in

Why is shoveling snow so hard? My back aches.

final hours

We’ve only had one snow day and already I’m over it. But I hope everyone feels safe and warm. I’m looking forward to seeing more interesting snow sculptures.

Hi, y'all! I'm Julia and am from Texas! I'm a third year studying biology and East Asian studies for pre-dental. If I'm not on YouTube, you can find me active on Yelp or Netflix. Aside from writing and reading, I enjoy taking photos. Thank you for reading my pieces!
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