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Halloween costumes are fun and all, but for some years I dread the process of hunting and stylizing a costume because of two reasons: time constraints and my own indecisiveness. Therefore, I have decided to compile a short list of lazy costume ideas that anyone can pull off. 



Headbands with devil ears, cat ears, bat wings, or pumpkins are an easy way to turn a normal outfit into a Halloween costume. They are easy, fast to put on, and generally cheap to buy. Amazon merchants usually sell them in groups of six or twelve, so you share them amongst friends as well! 

Face Paint

You don’t need to go all out on this one. A simple heart on the cheek or cat whiskers does the job. As with headbands, a simple splash of face paint can really elevate a normal outfit into a full-out costume. Generally in my experience any paint is okay, but if your skin is sensitive, you can try searching for face paint specific sets on Amazon.

Choose to Dress as a Movie Character

There really isn’t an elaborate costume set that you need for this one. If you choose a character whose wardrobe isn’t too outrageous, chances are you can replicate it at home as well. A famous example that comes to mind is Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. All you need are a few pink clothing items and you’re set to go! Going with the pink trend, you could also parody Regina George from Mean Girls.

Witch Hat

One of the simplest halloween costumes in the books are witches, specifically their hats. Because witch hats are tall and noticeable, you don’t really need much else to get the message across that you’re dressing as a witch. As witches will always remain as one of the more well-known halloween mascots, this costume choice is always a safe bet.


Halloween is arguably one of the most fun holidays to celebrate. You don’t need to have an elaborate or fantastical costume in order to join the festivities. 

Victoria is a Nor-Cal transplant and fourth-year Biochemistry major at UCLA. She hopes to one day have marble kitchen countertops, own the perfect slouchy sweater, and be the kind of doctor who handpicks ornaments when she decorates her office for Christmas. 
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