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Five Iconic Fashion Moments in Film History

Style defines generations. A glimpse back into the 20s would reveal beaded Chanel shift dresses and finger waves. The 90s – grunge plaids and an excess of flannel. Though seemingly dated, these looks have had an irreversible influence on the fashion trends of today. In fact, there’s no better source of fashion inspiration than the popular movies of decades past. Recently, for example, I found myself stepping out of my comfort zone of black jeans and slip dresses to indulge in a pair of cropped gingham pants, driven by a newly revived love for Audrey Hepburn.

Take a look at the list below of the most iconic fashion moments from movies and dare yourself to find your pair of gingham pants. 


1. Holly Golightly’s LBD, Breakfast at Tiffany’s

As the melancholy notes of “Moon River” signify the beginning of this timeless film, Audrey Hepburn steps out in the Little Black Dress that has come to be a staple in every girl’s wardrobe. Draped in pearls and hidden behind oversized sunglasses, Hepburn’s Holly Golightly exudes glamour.           


2. Cher Horowitz’s yellow plaid outfit, Clueless

Every 90s girl idolized Cher Horowitz, from her affinity for crop tops and knee socks to her witty one-liners. This vivid yellow outfit is easily the most iconic one from the movie.  


3. Annie Hall’s menswear, Annie Hall

Diane Keaton in Annie Hall revolutionized the menswear trend, challenging standards of femininity in fashion. Her tailored vests and oversized ties were integral to her charm in this unconventional 70s rom-com.      


4. Margot Tenenbaum’s fur coat and barrette, The Royal Tenenbaums   

While Wes Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaums is of the lesser-known films on this list, Margot Tenenbaum’s signature look of Lacoste polo dresses, a vintage fur coat, and a barrette is as chic as it is effortless. 


5. Faye Dunaway’s berets, Bonnie and Clyde

Accessorizing by day and robbing banks by night, Faye Dunaway as the badass leading lady in Bonnie and Clyde is the definition of cool. 

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