Five Hidden Gems at Trader Joe's

I think we can all agree that Trader Joes is the best grocery store on the planet. Okay, okay, maybe you don’t agree, but the store is a mecca for grocery store lovers alike. I am always able to find a new food product or seasoning when I go, unfortunately for my wallet. Listed below are some of my favorite items and hidden gems I have found at Trader Joes.


1. Everything But the Bagel Seasoning

If you’ve never heard of Trader Joe's Everything But the Bagel Seasoning, you may or may not be living under a rock. I use this seasoning on everything, even vegetables. It makes nearly anything you sprinkle it on taste like an everything bagel. Yum.



2. Cauliflower Crust Pizza

    Okay, I know that cauliflower crust pizza is showing up everywhere nowadays, but Trader Joes was one of the first ones to champion it into a take-home, sellable crust. I top mine with a variety of ingredients, and you can barely taste the slight texture of the cauliflower. They also sell it for $3.99 a crust, making it a definite hidden gem.



3. Cruciferous Crunch Salad Mix

    I am a big fan of TJ’s salad mixes. They go well by themselves, or great mixed together. Next time you’re shopping, do yourself a favor and try out one of their salad mixes. I promise you won’t be disappointed.



4. Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

    Everyone needs some chocolate in their life, and TJ’s version of a reese’s peanut butter cup is no exception. Dare I say: they may even be better than brand name Reese’s. Find them in the dessert aisle and occasionally they even place them in the checkout line.



5. Soaps

    No matter what I say, I can’t do the Lemon Verbena or Lavender soaps justice. Not only are they pretty and colorful, but they smell so good. Soap isn’t typically something I would think about as a hidden gem at TJ’s, but these flavors certainly are.