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A Fashionista’s Guide to Shopping

Everyone loves online shopping, but it can be overwhelming if you do not know where to look. I have found that I can find better made clothing, jewelry, and accessories online for less than I can shopping in a store. Plus, what is more fun than shopping online even if you do have that paper due tomorrow? I have decided to share the knowledge I have acquired procrastinating in order to help you with all your online shopping endeavors.
1. If you are looking for something specific, try these online store search engines. They search hundreds of online stores to find exactly what you are after and how much you want to spend.
     a. www.shopstyle.com
     b. www.polyvore.com
2. If you are looking for discounted designer clothes try these!
     a. www.gilt.com
        -To shop on Gilt Groupe, you have to become “a member.” Do not be intimidated, it is free, everyone “gets            in”- they just want to seem exclusive.
     b. www.ideeli.com
        -Ideeli features different brands every week- everything is always on sale!
     c. www.lastcall.com
        -The sale of all sales of clothing from Neiman Marcus
     d. www.renttherunway.com
        -This website allows you to “rent” for $50-100$ designer dresses for a weekend. It’s great if you are dying to         wear a herve leger dress for a party and don’t want to spend $1,000.
     e. www.potero.com
        -If you are looking to find a pre-owned top designer accessories, like a chanel purse
     f. www.shopbop.com
        -Shopbop does not necessarily have discounted designer clothing, but they have amazing sales!
     g. www.bluefly.com
3. If you are looking for medium priced clothes, shoes, and accessories, look here:
     a. www.ASOS.com
     b. www.Topshop.com
        – Topshop and Asos are British based designers that offer great basics and fun, unique pieces.
     c. www.Nastygal.com
        – Don’t be shocked by the name, it sells clothing I promise….
     d. www.shopAkirachicago.com
4. If you are looking for moderately priced clothes, check out these sites:
     a. www.forever 21.com
        – Online shopping on forever 21 is much less hectic than shopping at the store. You will be surprised the                 things you can find online!
     b. www.lulus.com
     c. www.gojane.com
     d. www.urban1972.com
5. If you are looking for unique, vintage jewelry, look here:
     a. www.ETSY.com
        – I am OBSESSED with Etsy. It has the best vintage jewelry for very little money. You will never want to                buy jewelry wholesale ever again after Etsy.
And, of course, you could always turn to my favorite web site, EBay!

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