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Falling in Love With Fall

My absolute favorite season is fall; I think it’s so fun to go outside this time of year and really appreciate the changing scenery (and Charlottesville is especially beautiful when the seasons change). I also think it’s a perfect excuse for cute dates and more cuddling with bae… so here are five date ideas that are great way to enjoy the season in our little town!

1. Carter Mountain

I know this is the most basic thing to do in Charlottesville at this time of year, but it definitely should be on your list. I went last weekend, and I may have just gone and had a glass (or two) of Bold Rock instead of apple picking (you know, the thing you’re supposed to do), but it was still so fun! It’s really nice because they have a bunch of fall-themed activities, including hayrides, pumpkin patches, etc. Get into that fall spirit!

2. Scenic road trip

Honestly, make it a day trip with your boo and just drive outside of Cville! The scenery is absolutely beautiful this time of year; make sure you stop to admire the views along the way and take pictures of all the changing leaves. I went to Waynesboro a couple weeks back and it was already amazing to watch. There are so many little towns around us, might as well explore!

3. Live music downtown

This one is always so fun to do. There are a bunch of different spots on the Downtown Mall (and even on the Corner) where you can just sit and listen to folk, jazz, and other kinds of music. Just look on restaurants’ websites and see what’s offered – make it a fun night out!

4. Oktoberfests

The end of October is approaching, but look around local breweries and see if anyone is hosting any Oktoberfest celebrations! They’re always fun to go to and you get to taste various kind of beer. If there aren’t any “fests”, then have your own… Take advantage of the endless opportunities around Charlottesville! 

5. A sweater weather picnic

Appreciate the beautiful weather before it gets too cold! You don’t have to go too far, just pack a yummy lunch and go enjoy time with your cuddle buddy.

These are all very broad ideas, but you can make them your own! It’s always fun to shake it up a little, be it that you’re in a very serious relationship or just starting to flirt with that cutie in your class. An adventure is always a good idea.






Smile, it makes you live longer! 
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