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When college students, over the age of 21 of course, think of an easy drink to make to wind down from their studies, they usually opt for an easy mixed drink, like a fruity beverage with liquor, or an easier alternative like a canned beer or White Claw. While those options are perfect on some occasions, given that a lot of us are spending more time indoors then we would probably like, here are some fun (and not terribly time consuming) fall cocktails for a cozy night in. However, if you don’t drink, simply not including the alcohol with these drinks will work just fine too.

Harry Potter’s Butterbeer 

I’ll speak for myself here when I say I am in love with the Harry Potter books and film series. But even if you’re not a fan, butterbeer is simply delicious, alcoholic or not. For this recipe, you will need,

-Cream soda, however much you would like (1 cup for each drink works for me)

-Butterscotch syrup (add however much you desire)

-Vanilla ice cream (3 scoops)

-Dekuyper Buttershots (or similar product)

-Whipped cream (optional)


Take all of your ingredients, blend them together with ice, and add whipped cream or more butterscotch drizzle on top if you so desire, and viola! It will transport you instantly into the Three Broomsticks at Hogsmeade.

Irish Coffee

If you don’t like coffee, this might not be for you. This drink is quite strong, but delicious. (Just don’t chug it.) It’s also perfect for any time of the year but with the air becoming crisp and cool, it’s one of the best for fall. For this recipe, you will need,

-Brewed hot coffee (1 cup works for me)

-Brown sugar (1 tablespoon, more if you would like it a bit sweeter)

-Irish whiskey (about 3 tablespoons)

-Whipped cream (optional)

-Chocolate syrup (optional)


This recipe is quite simple. Just take your coffee, sugar and whiskey, stir together and add whipped cream on top. I love a bit of chocolate drizzle on top as well.

Apple Cider Mimosa

Apple cider to me screams fall, and it is perfectly scrumptious on its own. However, if you wanna be a little extra like me, an apple cider mimosa is amazing and super easy to make. For this recipe, you will need,


-Apple cider (2 cups works for me)

-Champagne or sparkling wine (1 cup, Prosecco is my suggestion)

-Apple slices (optional)


Simply add your sparkling wine, cider, and drink away! If you wanna be even more extra, splice an apple and put on the rim for garnish.

Hello! My name is Emmaline and I am a 4th year at the University of Virginia and I am majoring in psychology. My favorite things include ABBA, Jane Austen, historical dramas, and, of course, writing.
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