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Every “Bruh Girl” Needs this Fashion Line in her Closet

Coach has teamed up with Marvel to create a super fun line of various superhero-themed clothes and accessories, and I for one am in love. It’s the perfect combination of kind of nerdy (I use that word while I proudly self-identify as a nerd) while still being super fashionable and easy to pair with other pieces. 


My favorite piece: 

My personal favorite thing from this line is definitely the “Jes Crossbody With Star Quilting” in “Miami Red” coming in at $149 right now since it’s on sale! This leather crossbody with star detailing is so vibrant and fun, and any true Marvel fan would immediately recognize the iconic star that also appears on Captain America’s shield. At the same time though, even if you’re not into superheroes, and you have no idea what the “Tesseract” is,  you’ll still be able to appreciate this super cute bag since it could easily appear on any runway without anyone noticing it’s Marvel-themed.


Best Deal: 

While still pretty expensive, in my opinion the best deal from this collection is the “Medium Zip Around Wallet With Carol Danvers” which is currently on sale for $79.80 (65% off!). This piece is really useful, and you’d definitely end up taking it everywhere. Plus, it’s impossible not to feel like a bad*ss when you’re walking around with Captain Marvel herself (well, picture of her anyways). 


Special Mentions:  

I love almost everything from this collection, so it’s difficult to choose which are my favorites, but I have to give a special shout-out to the “Convertible Belt Bag With Spider-Man” which is also currently on sale for $131. This bag has a convertible strap so that it can be styled either as a crossbody or a fanny pack, and the image of Spider-Man hanging upside down in the front is unmistakable. Excuse me while I stare at this bag and pretend I’m Mary Jane about to participate in the advent of the iconic upside down kiss. 


My second special mention goes to the “Jes Tote In Signature Canvas With Patches” which is a white tote covered in Marvel-themed patches currently selling for $171. I think this bag would be really useful because you’d be able to throw in everything you need for the day and not worry about running out of space. Plus, the patches are adorable- my personal favorite is the one that says “Coach!” in the style of a comic book speech bubble. 


This line is infectiously fun, and you’re sure to get noticed with any of these pieces. Especially if you self-identify as a nerd or a geek about the Marvel universe, then you’ll really enjoy being able to have a piece that shows your interests while still being stylish and cute! Find the whole collection on the Coach outlet site at CoachxMarvel


Bonus Tip: If you love this collection, I highly recommend you check out Longchamp’s collaboration with Pokemon at Longchamp x Pokemon. A lot of the pieces there are more expensive, but there’s never any harm in “window” shopping! Any nerd, geek, or ~bruh girl~ will appreciate the stylish Pokemon-themed items. 

Eliza is a third year majoring in Cognitive Science and minoring in French. Her interests include traveling, social activism, and spending time with her closest friends!
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