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DIY Holiday Décor Ideas

With the holiday season just around the corner, it’s often nicer to focus on that exciting festive feeling than it is to stress about finals coming up even sooner. Here are some celebratory DIY decorations that you can make when you are procrastinating those long library hours, or some crafts to look forward to when you are finally home for the holiday season (if you have enough willpower to wait)!

1. DIY Wreath

Photo via Pexels

You can easily create a festive holiday wreath with supplies from your craft store or with excess greenery from your local Christmas tree vendor! Christmas tree vendors often give away tree trimmings for free, so all you have to do is tie the greenery into a circle and hang it up in your house! You can follow these instructions if you want some helpful tips from DIY goddess Martha Stewart. 


2. Tree Trimmings Candle Centerpiece

Photo via Pinterest

Arrange some greenery around a candle of your choosing for a fun Christmas candle holder! This is so inexpensive, and an easy way to liven up your holiday decor. It is almost impossible to be stressed out by exams when your whole room smells like the holidays!


3. Mini Tree

Photo via Charlie and Jo

You can buy a mini fir tree from many vendors around this time of year! Wegman’s and Trader Joe’s both have a great selection. Be sure to check out your local craft stores too if you would prefer a fake tree that will last forever!


4. Flower Pot Snowman

Photo via Pinterest

Pick up three increasingly large clay pots from your local garden center or craft store. Paint them white and add a nose, eyes, and mouth. You can overturn the pots and stack them in ascending order. Add a hat or scarf if you like and set him out as a decoration!


5. Window Snowflakes

Photo via Pinterest

Remember those paper snowflakes you cut out of paper as a kid? They were fun then, but now they are the perfect window decoration to make your place festive! The best part is that all you need is paper and some scissors. Let it snow!




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